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...etween an led or plasma TV? Why that one you just found is smaller than another one but ten times the […] The post Which Are Cheaper: LCD, LED Or Plasma TVs? appeared first on
30th July, 2015
Plasma vs LCD? LCD vs LED? What are the pros and cons? Let S21 help you decide!
26th November, 2012
The Samsung UE32F4000 is the cheapest 32 inch Samsung TV available, but it makes too many cuts for us to recommend it.
18th November, 2013
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... TV is the screen size. This is the diagonal measurement between two corners across the centre of the display. Typical screen sizes start at 32 or 36 inches, and for a larger room go right up to 50 or more inches in diagonal. How is the image on a TV displayed? TV pictures are made up of th...
...r reading: Myths, Marketing, and Misdirection: HDTV edition Geoffrey Morrison/CNET 2. Bigger really is better I recommend a size of at least 32 inches for a bedroom TV and at least 46 inches for a living room or main TV -- and 55 inches or larger is best. If you're replacing an existing TV ...
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