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Here we pick the very best TVs of 2015 in the 48-inch to 50-inch size category, from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.
Keen pricing, designer looks and a huge 48-inch screen make this TV a compelling proposition.
Here we pick the very best 55-inch TVs of 2016 from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.
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...128;) from your TV, then your ideal screen size – measured diagonally, from corner to corner – is 48-55”. Shop by size: Up to 32" 39" to 46" 47" to 50" 55" to 75" Over 75" View all Screen type Go for OLED if you want a more vibran...
... How far away from your TV will you sit? It's easier to fit a larger screen TV in your home today because TVs are much thinner (some just 1 inch thick), and the frame around the screen (the bezel) is also getting smaller. But large TVs are designed to be watched from further away. If you s...
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