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...year, as sales of the current generation device are reportedly slowing.Part of the reason given is that, while competitors embraced the 4K Ultra HD revolution,...
...ouTube compatible 360 movies, so we’re really pleased that Kodak have announced an upgraded SP360 which is now capable of recording in 4K. The original SP360 was capable of capturing video in up to 1440×1440 … Continue reading Kodak PixPro SP360 4K Unveiled at IFA
Oh, there's no 'O'? No, it's not OLED, yo
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...ns the image that is displayed will be smoother with less lagging, which is better for fast paced action films, sports and gaming. What is a 4k TV or Ultra HD TV vs. a Full HD or 1080p TV? Ultra High Definition or 4k TVs are one of the latest advances in TV technology. They have up to four ...
... This is known as finding the sweet spot. Finding the sweet spot The guide below estimates the best distance you should sit from both HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs to get the best possible view. Because 4K televisions offer 4x the picture quality of HD, the sweet spot becomes much larger, allowing...
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