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... year, as sales of the current generation device are reportedly slowing.Part of the reason given is that, while competitors embraced the 4K Ultra HD revolution,...
The Panasonic TX-65DX902B offers a mind-blowing TV experience, thanks to its gigantic 65-inch screen and unrivalled picture quality. With 4K HDR and full array local dimming, it's faultless in its dynamic range, colour accuracy, peak brightness and motion rendering, delivering quite poss...
Choosing a TV explained simply. Confused by 4K, UHD, HDR, quantum dots and Smart TV? We've updated our handy guide with the latest trends and developments for 2015.
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...me that you're happy to accept our cookies. Find out more about cookies How to buy the best TV By Andrew Laughlin Flatscreen or curved? HD or 4K? Use this expert guide to cut through the sales jargon and find the best TV for you. Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices o...
.... This is known as finding the sweet spot. Finding the sweet spot The guide below estimates the best distance you should sit from both HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs to get the best possible view. Because 4K televisions offer 4x the picture quality of HD, the sweet spot becomes much larger, allowing...
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