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Here we pick the very best 55-inch TVs of 2016 from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.
A truly outstanding 55 inch LED TV in all respects.
This 55 inch TV combines stunning looks with outstanding picture quality, connectivity and Smart TV functionality.
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...bedroom 3.7x5.5m rooms 32 - 39 inch 1.5-2m 40-45 inch 2-2.5m 1.22-1.37m Larger living rooms and dedicated home cinemas 4.6x8.5m rooms 46-55 inch 2.5-3m 1.38-1.55m Over 56 inch 3m and over 1.55m and over choosing the right tv size Explaining TV picture quality - 4K & HD & more Di...
...157;) from your TV, then your ideal screen size – measured diagonally, from corner to corner – is 48-55”. Shop by size: Up to 32" 39" to 46" 47" to 50" 55" to 75" Over 75" View all Screen type Go for OLED if you want a more vibrant p...
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