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...etween an led or plasma TV? Why that one you just found is smaller than another one but ten times the […] The post Which Are Cheaper: LCD, LED Or Plasma TVs? appeared first on
30th July, 2015
Plasma vs LCD? LCD vs LED? What are the pros and cons? Let S21 help you decide!
26th November, 2012
...didn’t have complicated menus, settings, or an LCD screen to distract you. A while back, Leica introduced their limited-edition Leica M60 […]
8th November, 2016
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...set. And if you just want to skip all the details and just buy a great television, my overall recommendation for 2013 is the Panasonic TC-PST60 series. It's the best TV we've ever reviewed, and I don't think any will get a higher rating before the new 2014 models arrive. It's also the last ...
...second, measured in Hertz or Hz. The higher this number is, the smoother on-screen movements will generally be. Plasma TVs can be as fast as 600Hz, while a top spec LCD TV will have a refresh rate of 200Hz. An Active 3D TV is that they have to have a high refresh rate, so 2D action scenes l...
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