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Jeffery Deaver (born May 6, 1950) is an American mystery/crime writer. He has a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a law degree from Fordham University and originally started working as a journalist.

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Steel Kiss 9781473618497 by Jeffery Deaver by Jeffery Deaver
Master of suspense Jeffery Deaver returns with the latest gripping thriller featuring paraplegic forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme. The hardback contains an exclusive neverbeforeseen leaked memo from the Lincoln Rhyme case files. Smart technology is everywhere. It makes our lives easier our connections faster and journeys quicker. But in the wrong hands it can kill...Detective Amelia Sachs is hot on the trail of a murderer chasing him through a Brooklyn department store when her pursuit  read more
Garden of Beasts 9781473631908 by Jeffery Deaver by Jeffery Deaver
Evil must be stopped. Whatever the cost. Paul Schumann made his name as a mobster hitman during Prohibition known equally for his brilliant tactics and for taking only righteous jobs. But in 1936 his luck runs out. The men who catch him offer a stark choice. He can travel to Berlin as part of Americas Olympics team and kill the man behind Hitlers rearmament scheme. Or he can go to the electric chair. Its his chance to be a hero. At least thats what they want him to believe...Packed wi  read more
Hard News by Jeffery Deaver by Jeffery Deaver
Rune seems to have finally made the first real step towards her dreams she has secured a job working for a major network news department. From there her career as a budding documentary maker can really take off. However nothing in Runes life is ever that simple. She quickly becomes fascinated by the brutal murder of the network boss and just as swiftly comes to the conclusion that the guy in the frame for the crime must be innocent. This despite the mountain of evidence against him. But  read more
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The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver
It's the night of the full Cold Moon - the month of December according to the lunar calendar. A young man is found dead in lower Manhattan, the first in a series of victims of a man calling himself the Watchmaker. This killer's obsession with time drives him to plan the murders with the precision of fine timepieces, and the victims die prolonged deaths while an eerie clock ticks away their last minutes on earth. Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs and the rest of the crew are tapped to handle the case and stop the Watchmaker and his partner, Vincent Reynolds, a repulsive character with a special interest in the female victims of the killer. Amelia is not only Lincoln's eyes and ears at crime scenes on the Watchmaker case, but she's now running her own homicide investigation-her first case as lead detective. The policewoman's unwavering efforts in pursuing the killers of a businessman, who left behind a wife and son, sets into motion clockwork gears of its own, with consequences reaching to people and events that will endanger not only many lives but Lincoln's and Amelia's future together.  read more
The Sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver
The first gripping mystery in the Kathryn Dance series from master of suspense, and author of the Lincoln Rhyme novels, Jeffery Deaver. California Bureau of Investigation Special agent Kathryn Dance is an expert in kinesics: the science of interpreting behaviour. It makes her a brilliant interrogator. But she's up against Daniel Pell, a master of control who mesmerises, seduces and exploits people for his own murderous ends. A convicted killer who is known as The Son of Manson for the chilling parallels between him and the notorious ritual murderer. To track down Pell before he destroys yet more lives, Kathyn Dance must enlist the help of four people from the killer's past. The three women who lived under his sadistic sway in the cult he once headed. And the young girl known as the Sleeping Doll, the only survivor of her family's slaughter at Pell's hands ...  read more
The Steel Kiss: Lincoln Rhyme Book 12 (Lincoln Rhyme Thrillers) by Jeffery Deaver
The Steel Kiss: Lincoln Rhyme Book 12 (Lincoln Rhyme Thrillers)  read more
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Bloody River Blues (John Pellam thrillers) by Jeffery Deaver
The second Location Scout thriller, with John Pellam scouting in the American Midwest.  read more
The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver
The Coffin Dancer is America's most wanted hit-man. He's been hired by an airline owner who wants three witnesses disposed of before his trial, and has got the first, a pilot, by blowing up the whole plane. Lincoln Rhyme has the task of keeping the witnesses safe and finding the Coffin Dancer.  read more
The October List by Jeffery Deaver
Number one bestselling author Jeffery Deaver's standalone thriller begins with his most amazing twist - the book's ending...  read more
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The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver
2013. First Edition. 456 pages. Signed by the author. Maroon & black dust jacket with red lettering over black cloth. Clean bright pages with firm binding. Signed by the Author on title page. Small grey mark (approx. 1cm) on rear endpaper. Little to no wear to spine, board edges and corners. Unclipped dust jacket. Mild wear to edges and corners. "Signed" sticker & sticker mark to front.  read more
The Stone Monkey: Lincoln Rhyme Book 4 by Jeffery Deaver
2003. 511 pages. Signed by the author. Blue pictorial card cover with silver lettering. Authors signature to title page. Good clean pages with bright copy and firm binding. Light foxing and tanning to endpapers and page edges. Card is lightly rub worn and thumbed with some light shelf wear to edges and corners, creases to corners.  read more
The Twelfth Card: Lincoln Rhyme Book 6 by Jeffery Deaver
2005. 397 pages. Signed by the author. Burgundy, pictorial dust jacket over blue cloth. Author's signature at titles. Firm binding with moderate tanning to pages. Slight bumping to corners with mild rubbing along edges and over surfaces. Unclipped jacket with mild wear along edges and over surfaces. Sticker at front.  read more
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