Nevil Shute

Nevil Shute Norway (17 January 1899 – 12 January 1960) was an English novelist and aeronautical engineer who spent his later years in Australia. He used his full name in his engineering career and Nevil Shute as his pen name.

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Slide Rule by Nevil Shute
Slide Rule
No Highway (Vintage Classics) by Nevil Shute
Theodore Honey is a shy, inconspicuous aircraft engineer whose eccentric interests in quantum mechanics and spiritualism are frowned upon in aviation circles. But when a passenger plane crashes...
In the Wet (Vintage Classics) by Nevil Shute
It is the rainy season. Drunk and delirious, an old man lies dying in the Queensland bush. In his opium-hazed last hours, a priest finds his deserted shack and listens to his last words....
On The Beach (Vintage Classics) by Nevil Shute
On The Beach (Vintage Classics)
Trustee from the Toolroom (Vintage Classics) by Nevil Shute
Keith Stewart is an ordinary man. However, one day he is called upon to undertake an extraordinary task. When his sister's boat is wrecked in the Pacific, he becomes trustee for his little...
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