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Sue Taylor Grafton (born April 24 1940) is a contemporary American author of detective novels and best known as the author of the 'alphabet series' ("A" Is for Alibi, etc.) featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone.

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D is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton
Kinsey Millhorne thought she had this investigation cut and dry until her clients cheque bounced and the ex-con liar, chronic drunk was found dead.  read more
E is for Evidence (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series) by Sue Grafton
The fifth novel in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series, now with a stunning new look  read more
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L is for Lawless : Intermediate by Sue Grafton
L is for Lawless : Intermediate  read more
S is for Silence by Sue Grafton
S is for Silence  read more
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F Is For Fugitive (Kinsey Millhone Mystery 6) by Sue Grafton
F Is For Fugitive (Kinsey Millhone Mystery 6)  read more
B is for Burglar (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series) by Sue Grafton
'Female, age thirty-two, self-employed and wiser than she used to be. For Kinsey Millhone, private investigator, only one thing stays the same. When a client sits down in the chair across the desk, she never knows what's going to happen next ...' There was nothing about Beverly Danziger to cause Kinsey concern. She was looking for her sister. There was a will to be settled. She paid up front. And if it seemed a lot of money for a routine job, Kinsey wasn't going to argue. She kicked herself later for the things she didn't see - Beverly Danziger did not look as if she needed a few thousand dollars and she didn't seem like someone longing for a family reunion. But just as Kinsey begins to suspect foul play and start asking questions, Beverly Danziger pulls her off the case and fires her ...'One of the best written crime novels by anybody in recent memory' New York Times  read more
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