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Osprey has launched a new smartphone app which allows you to measure and size your torso so that you can make sure you buy the perfect fitting rucksack. The Osprey PackSizer app is claimed to be the world's first digital pa...
Choosing a TV explained simply. Confused by 4K, UHD, HDR, quantum dots and Smart TV? We've updated our handy guide with the latest trends and developments for 2015.
The new Apple TV is a sleek streaming video system, but it's also one which still has some growing to do.
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...f it. I used it for a few shows, using only the presets, and never managed to actually learn how to program it well. It now sits in my bedroom and I've hardly touched it, especially since moving on to bigger and better synths. So what was the problem? The synth sounds great-- it's got...
...s of 40 inches and over. What room is your TV in? What's your room size? What's your TV size? The perfect viewing distance HD TV 4K TV Bedrooms, kitchens, small bedrooms 4x3m Up to 32 inch Less than 1.5m Average-sized living room and larger bedroom 3.7x5.5m rooms 32 - 39 inch 1.5-2m 4...
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