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Wi-Fi enabled smart doorbell could let you see who’s at the front door even when not at home The post Ring Video Doorbell review appeared first on Absolute Gadget.
10th October, 2016
An unexpected journey and an unlikely heroBased on the fantasy work of JRR Tolkien and realised in film by Peter Jackson, the Hobbit now arrives as an awesome LEGO range - hairy feet and all!A logical progression from the LEGO Lord of the Rings range, LEGO The Hobbit features...
28th November, 2013
A simple, affordable, two-slot toaster that seems basic compared with others, even similar budget models
30th November, 2015
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... our parents did, the kitchen hob is as necessary in the kitchen as the oven, kettle and of course, microwave. Gas, electric and induction hobs provide the sort of cooking our grandparents could only dream of, but we have so much choice, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Take a ...
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