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... competitive price, but it's not a very efficient washer and has a slow 1200rpm B-class spin. It's available in White, Silver or Black.
This washing machine is available in a choice of white (WMB71231W), black (WMB71231B) or Silver (WMB71231S) and offers a reasonable 7kg capacity and a range of programmes, including a quick wash. It's not as noisy as t...
...moderately fast 1400rpm spin speed, it's a better option than the entry-level Beko washers. It's available in a choice of White, Black or Silver too.
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... are many different varieties of oven to suit different types of cook from the simple and straightforward to the more elaborate. Beko has a fantastic range of built-in ovens which blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen cabinets. What’s more, all ovens c...
Previous - Microwaves / Microwave Prices Next - Dishwashers / Dishwasher Types Dishwasher Buyers Guide Putting dirty dishes away and having them come out clean is kind of magic. Thatâ€...
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