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...y big waves throughout the photo industry. Where will photo lovers go for their slightly inappropriate, kind of funny, sometimes annoying camera reviews now!? No worries, Kai’s got you covered. As we mentioned earlier, the former host of DRTV isn’t done with photography, cameras, or
With the PowerShot G7 X Mark II, Canon appears to have resolved the main issues of the model’s predecessor. Matt Golowczynski takes a closer lookWith its latest PowerShot G7 X c...
With the launch of its latest model, the EOS M5, Canon finally seems to be getting serious about mirrorless cameras. Andy Westlake takes a closer lookThe Canon EOS M5 is a small SLR-like mirrorless c...
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... were first introduced by Sandisk in 1994 and were widely used, but now they are usually only found in the most advanced DSLRs. Last year Canon chose CompactFlash as the recording media for use in its new lineup of professional high definiton (HD) video cameras. Micro SD Memory cards: Mi...
...ve a read of our guide Why buy a dashcam?. At first, the process of choosing a dashcam can appear daunting and the multitude of different cameras and brands can feel like a minefield. And then when you've narrowed your choice down, the technical details can confuse you even further! From...
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