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A large and versatile pressure cooker with slow-cook and steam functions
Everyone loves a home cooked meal but cooking that meal has a side effect that nobody enjoys – a dirty cooker! Here are some tips on not only how to clean your cooker but some preventative ways to keep it from getting too dirty to start with.   Cle...
Outstanding slow juicer and frozen dessert maker in one
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...ating and also cook faster and more evenly than a gas alternative. Electric hobs provide an even source of heat but generally are slower to heat-up or cool-down than a gas hob. Look for a ceramic or halogen hob for faster heat response. Dual Fuel Cookers A dual fuel cooker combin...
Cookers buying guide It's all very well being a culinary expert, but in order to cook yourself a gourmet delight, you first need to have the right equ...
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