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... real impact to a designer kitchen. Whether you're looking for a compact integrated fridge-freezer, or a stunning American-style model, you'll be wanting reliability, practicality and value. But how to find your way through the bewildering choice? Ask S21!
The Daewoo KOR7LBKM retro microwave is a stylish solo model produced by one of the UK’s top manufacturers. It has 800W power output, 20 li...
The Motorola Moto X Style is a bit of a curiosity. Priced as a high-end phone, it offers some flagship features, such as an impressive Quad HD display and a 21 megapixel ...
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...re to store food. Some models offer extra functionality, like those with ice and water dispensers. Then there are American-style designs which are simply stunning – perfect for adding a focal point to your kitchen. Or maybe you’re intere...
...ng model – either a standard model with one component on top and the other on the bottom, or an American style fridge freezer which has each component side to side. But if you have an integrated kitchen, you may need a built-in model. Built-in models tend...
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