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... conjures up images of household lighting fixtures and powerful work-lamps – but halogen bulb technology has made its way into ovens, using the high-powered crystal bulbs to quickly and effectively cook food. These amazing little cooking appliances come in a wide range of makes and models,
11th October, 2016
This week on ‘Grumps’, Matt, Wayne and James grumble about:- Why aren’t Crematoriums big enough? Why do people have Double Barrel names? Why do people not indicate before turning? Why do all manner of domestic appliances now ‘Beep’ incessantly? Who are &...
15th April, 2016
An awesome wood-fired pizza oven that's perfect for the garden and campsites.
20th March, 2015
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...ovens fit neatly into a smaller space60cm – suits a single standard size oven 72-80cm – suits a large capacity oven or a double oven Consider adding a Vacuum Sealer Drawer under your ProCombi SousVide Oven or a Warming Drawer under your oven to heat up plates and keep di...
... around 40 litres of space - more than enough for a roast chicken. A regular oven can now squeeze in 70 litres - the capacity of old double ovens. Professional designs can offer 100 litres plus. Pros Not only does it slip seamlessly into your fitted scheme, but the latest des...
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