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The pricey vacuum people have made a pricey hair dryer. The post Review: Dyson Supersonic appeared first on WIRED.
A great cleaner for all floor types
With its compact size and convenient features, the Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor is a great machine for a number of cleaning jobs. This upright vacuum delivers remarkable cleaning power in a compact pac...
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...g them less energy efficient. Find out more about cylinder cylinder vacuum cleaners. Bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner? It's not just Dyson that makes bagless vacs these days - you have lots of choice. But is it really worth moving away from traditional bagged models? Bagless vacuums...
...-tap. A Memory Card. Basic memory cards for the Cube are extremely cheap, easily obtainable for under £5. Games such as Animal Crossing and Pokemon Colosseum also include their own memory cards. Optional Hardware Wavebird controller. Features the same great design of th...
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