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Southern Electric is part of SSE, one of the UK's largest energy suppliers. As well as providing electricity and gas, it also offers boiler cover and repair, a...
...giene has been linked to a number of other health conditions, making it all the more important to brush with a high quality electric toothbrush, every day, twice a day! In this guide we’ll be teaching you the what, why and how
Electric showers are needed to provide normal temperature water out of the cold water supply, which is a good tending against one’s electric boi...
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...these choices are easy as they will depend on the size and style of your kitchen - and if you have access to gas or a 30amp electricity supply. We've put together this guide to help simplify the choices for you. Just click on a link below, to jump down to further informatio...
...s running off. Â Smeg range cookers come with varied fuel source specifications, ranging from duel fuel cookers (with electric ovens with either gas), too fully electric cookers (with electric ovens and a choice of wither ceramic or induction hobs). Models such as the...
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