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...s to  be given the opportunity to review the latest and greatest of these devices. Today I chat to Mark about the Fujifilm XQ2, a simple beautiful compact digital camera with a staggering number of high end features. Listen in to the stream and keep … Conti...
This week, we chatted about the Fujifilm X-A2 Mirrorless Compact Camera. This is a camera that is aimed at the mid point of the market, but has the features of the ‘X’ se...
Andy Westlake investigates Fujifilm’s updated high-end compact system cameraFujifilm XT2Andy Westlake investigates Fujifilm’s updated high-end compact system camera
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...lso compatible with them. xD Picture Memory Cards: xD Picture cards (standing for ‘eXtreme Digital’) are a Fujifilm format used in some (older) Fuji and Olympus cameras, although these brands are now routinely compatible with more standard SD/SDHC technolog...
Whether youu2019re shooting landscapes or the kids in your front room, if your camera isnu2019t held steady, youu2019re going to get blurred images. The best solution is a tripod or monopod, and to help you decide which is for yo...
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