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Today we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek which first aired in 1964! Amazingly the series only ran for 3 series before being cancelled NBC. The show was an instant hit with a core group of fans now called ‘Trekkies&rsqu...
Qualcomm, Telstra and Ericsson announce plans for interoperability testing and an over-the-air field trial based on the expected 5G NR (New Radio) specifications. Read full article: MWC: Qualcomm, Telstra, Ericsson trial 5G NR deployment
Launched in 2013, Green Star Energy is a new company in the UK energy market, supplying gas and electricity at competitive prices. Green Star Energy is a UK subsidiary ...
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Trending CES 2017 Best iPhone 7 deals Buying Guides iOS 10 iPhone 7 Apple Watch 2 Thinking of getting an Apple TV? Good for you! They run as low as $69/&poun...
close downarrow logo-vertical logo menu-bar search uSwitch.com Broadband Broadband guides What is a MiFi dongle? MiFis or MiFi dongles are compact, wireless devices tha...
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