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FEATURES: COMPACT DESIGN: Our inflator is designed to be small for it to be convenient. Fit it into your bag or keep it stored away in the boot of your car without taking up too much space. WIRELESS: This pump has a self-contained battery that at full power can last to easily pump up 4 tires SELF-ILLUMINATION: Flat tires can come at any time so it could happen at night as well. During dark emergencies, our mini pump has self-illumination highlight beads that will aid you in those urgent emergencies. PURE COPPER COIL MOTOR: Our mini inflator is made of an all-metal cylinder block making it durable and long-lasting. It has a permanent magnet motor power that is strong and improves performance. Specifications: Battery capacity: 2000mAh Maximum continuous working time: 30~40min Inflation efficiency: 20L/min Max Inflation Pressure: 150PSI / 10.3BAR / 990KPA / 10.5KG/CM Pressure units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2 Weight: 500g/1.10lb Product size: 250*56*47mm (9.8*2.2*1.9 inch) Packing size: 289*70*73mm (11.4*2.8*2.9 inch) Outer air hose length: 15cm (5.9 inches) Package Includes: 1* Air Compressor 1* USB Charging Cable 1*Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable 1* Air Hose 1* Presta Valve 1* Ball Needle 1* Toy Nozzle 1* Storage Box 1* User Manual
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All the hot pumps use all those kind of fuels. 1- diesel, red diesel, domestic heating oil, kerosene. 2- Single phase pump fuel use 1ltr per hour 3-  3 phase pump fuel use 1-1.2 ltrs per hour depending how hot the water will be used 4-The water for all the models can get up to 90 degree. 5- The water temperature it is adjusted via thermostat. 6.-Fuel tank capacity 25ltrs.
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Genuine Renault Oil pump 150100565R To Fit the following models Megane 225/R26/R26.R Megane 250/265/275 Clio 172/182 Clio 197/200
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The Aquamite pump from Waterco has proved to be a real success within the Koi Industry. The most compact pump in the Waterco pump range, it is available from 0.33hp to 1.25hp. The pump’s impeller and diffuser design maximises the hydraulic output and minimises turbulence. The efficient performance of this pump means shorter run times and therefore reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs. The pump body is manufactured using state of the art engineering plastic moulding with a single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength. An additional unique secondary seal protects the motor end shield from any fluid contact, eliminating corrosion to the motor end shield. These pumps are often used in conjunction with the Waterco Aquabiome Bead Filter and the MultiCyclone. “We have noticed that people are looking for more and more energy efficient products during the current economic climate, the Aquamite pump and the MultiCyclone are good examples of Waterco products which are working towards a ‘greener’ more cost effective system” comments Tony Fisher Managing Director of Waterco Europe. The Aquamite is an ideal pump for swimming pools and recirculation systems including ponds and small water features. The pumps impellr and diffuser design maximises the hydraulic output of the pump minimizing turbulence. The pumps efficient hydraulic performance shortens run times and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs. The pump body is manufactured utilising state of the art engineering plastic moulding with a single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength. Uses 1.5" connections. Single phase only. 2 year motor warranty. 1 year pump seal warranty. 3 year wet end warranty. 0.75HP - 0.65KW - 4032gph - 5.00kg
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This deluxe siphon pump is a must for any garage to remove fuel from cars, dealers to remove excess fuel in other cars aswell as removing gearbox and ATF fluids from boxes. It is also suitable for draining engines like smart cars with no sump plugs and for marine use. Many fuels can be extracted with this siphon pump such as Petrol, Diesel, Kerosine, Bio Diesel, Vegetable Oil, Water, Coolant and much more! The fuel transfer pump is made from oil and acid resistant plastic to enable petrol transfer. It can also be used as a pump to inflate tyres and air beds etc. With adapters included. The complete kit contains: 1. Deluxe Siphon Pump 2. Liquid Intake Hose 3. Liquid Discharge Hose 4. Air Pressure Hose 5. 2 Hose Connectors 6. Dipstick Tube 7. Converter Piece The tube is approximately 130cm long and 0/D _mm, I/D _mm. The two red syphon tubes are approximately 130cm long and I/D _mm, O/D _mm. Buy yours today at this fantastic price!
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Powerful - flow rate of 60 L/hr thanks to 550 watt motor with 2,800 rpm, Simple - easy to use thanks to self-priming pump, Safe - bypass valve for overheat protection and protection class IP55, Clean - filter in the fuel pipe filters out oil impurities, Mobile - equipped with a handle
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