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Rust Converter. 20ml bottle rust converter with a brush in the cap lid. Supplied with a pair of latex gloves (avoid contact with skin) Our rust converter neutralises the corrosion (rust) process and then further protects the surface by forming a film with low permeability to water vapour and oxygen. Can be overcoated with primer, touch up paint and clear lacquer to complete your repair.
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Rostio Rust Converter 1 liter Characteristics: Rostio Rust Remover for neutralization and stabilization of rust on steel, penetrates deep into the rust and neutralizes the corrosion process. Rostio Rust Converter transforms iron oxides into an insoluble blue-black metallorganic compound. Rostio does NOT have to be washed off with water, making it suitable for use in cavities. Application: Surfaces must be clean, grease-free and dry. Before application, please remove gross lose rust mechanically if possible. Using a brush or foam roll, apply a thin, even layer of Rostio Rust Converter. Sprayable at 3-4 bar with a 1.3 - 1.5 mm nozzle. Recommended application temperature 5° C - 35° C. Ready for recoating with any commercial grade putty or varnish after a reaction period of 3 hours. Recoating within 48 hours. Do not use on hot surfaces above 40° C or at temperatures below freezing. On coated surfaces, rinse off with water immediately. Store in a frost-free location. After use, clean tools with water.
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Converts rust into an inert, highly adhesive and resistant protective undercoat Suitable for de-rusting iron/steel and other metallic surfaces Supplied with rust erasing pen and brush
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Coo-Var rust converter is a product for iron and steel surfaces where not all of the rust has been able to be removed. It stops the rusting process and then creates a paintable surface. When the surface is then be painted it protects the surface from further rusting. This product is overcoatable with a wide range of topcoats. If you’re unsure which topcoat is best for the job that you’re doing then give us a call and then one of our team will be able to help you. Key Features Water based. Converts rust into a paintable surface. Use on iron and also steel. Overcoat with a range of topcoats. Good adhesion to rust. Prevents further corrosion. Off white colour. Low sheen. Rust Converter Coverage: 10m2 per litre. Touch Dry: 4 hours. Apply using a brush, roller or a spray.
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Original liquid formula, quick and very easy to use, removes rust back to bare metal Key Features Original liquid formula, quick and very easy to use, removes rust back to bare metal Ideal for immersing small parts, box sections, tubular sections and fine detail Coverage is 8 square meters per litre offering great value Recommend using with Jenolite Primer Ready to prime in just 30 minutes An orthophosphoric solution
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RUST AND CORROSION REMOVER Pro-GreenMX Rust Remover is an advanced formulation that is specially designed to rapidly remove rust and corrosion from all metal items and 2-stroke exhaust pipes. Rust Remover contains corrosion inhibitors in the formulation which provides protection to metals after oxidants have been removed. Product comes with flip-top lid. Product comes with flip-top lid. Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging. Easy to use. Works rapidly, removing rust in 15 minutes or less! As it is non-corrosive, Rust Remover is safe to let heavily rusted items soak for longer periods of time if required. Provides protection against future corrosion.
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