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Cleansing and restores colours - tyres like new.. Clean with active foam Refreshes colours Super long action
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70ml 'Even if you've never a has seen, there is "The Eiermilchlegende Wollmilch sauce." And we have it available: D Digloss Giraedge - that is the new product from soft 99 and is basically an tyre care the positive properties of previous Care and Cleaning Products. Just there are in fact 2 ways his tyre to maintain 1 by means of a spray, which benefits Clear on the palm of your hand, doesn't make looks dirty and maintained the tyre is quick. Any drawback: the life 2. tyre care classic in liquid or gel advantage: Last longer, even business any drawback: it takes Meißt an additional applicator and you will look Meißt Giraedge, however, can get the convenience of wheels provide excellent sprays (handy, these are not looks dirty) as the application by means of a built-in the, and in a classic tyres Care (smooth, even application, improved durability), the Plus: The Applicator pen is resealable (.) Directions for use: Apply the product Shake well, sealing cap open directly to the cut (clean & dry tyres), the first time is a little pressed UNITLE so that the applicator pen "tränkt, and spread evenly over face. After 5 - 10 minutes drying time can be moved the wheel doesn't need to be rinsed required.
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Super Glossy Tyre Dressing...which last version Version 2 250ml/500ml/1Litre High Sheen Sprayable, no mess Lasts weeks, not days Doesn't wash off in rain Doesn't leave run marks Applys evenly Spray and leave, no need to spread or dry off A dressed tyre can make all the difference to a car. Nothing sets off a nicely waxed car than glossy tyre sidewalls. Welcome to Tyre V2, more glossy than before, stays much longer, sprayable (no mess) - spray and forget. Do you have experience of a Tyre dressing which after the first rain, just rinses off. It's difficult to buy products which do all they say they are going to - surely a tyre dressing should dress a tyre, it's Tyre dressing 101 ! So, after all of this, I bring you a Tyre dressing which stays on the Tyre and keeps your Tyres looking glossy. Think of your tyres as an ageing skin, just like skin your rubber will need hydration to maintain the flexibility and a luxury satin or matte finish. Using the finest ingredients you are provided with more flexibility and a more complete tyre dressing and hydration system. We understand what it takes to make the most outstanding car care in the world. Our creations are utilised by some of the most sought after detailers in the world so you can be assured that the quality of your hand-blended and crafted creation is of high standing. As you can see we certainly take car care seriously, ensure to browse our “Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit” to complete your “Wheel Collection.” If this is a gift for a loved-one please upgrade your purchase to “Gift” and we shall enclose your creation within a timber box adorned by a personal message on a hand-engraved brass plaque. " Personalisation label is Clear and not Black "
Size:  500ml
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The EZ Car Care Tyre Dressing Applicator is the perfect tool to Apply Slick Tyre & Trim gel or your favourite tyre dressing. With a comfortable grip and a ergonomic finish the applicator allows for a controlled application of your chosen product, reducing the amount of product used and reducing 'sling' when the vehicle is driven afterwards A must have in any detailer or enthusiast's product range. Pack of 1
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Tyre and rubber coating for ultimate shine and protection. Features & Benefits: Suitable for all rubber Produces a natural satin-matte finish Non-smear Protects against fading and cracking Contains non-volatile silicone oils Directions for use: Clean the tyres with HERRENFAHRT Multi-Purpose Cleaner Use an applicator pad or sponge and apply Tyre Dressing evenly Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes Buff off with a short-piled microfibre cloth Size: 200ml
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This specialist tyre dressing is designed to enhance the appearance of tyres. Easy to apply, it not only produces a deep, long lasting high shine finish but it conditions and protects these surfaces repelling dust and dirt and maintaining a “just detailed” appearance for weeks. Directions: Before applying ensure tyres are relatively dry and free from heavy soiling. Simply brush or wipe over the surface and allow to dry.
Size:  5 Litre
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