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Embroidered Cherry Cherries Iron on Sew on Patch. Measures approximately 60mm x 80mm. Can be ironed on, sewn on, or both. Supplied inside a sealed clear bag, with basic application instructions. You can view these instructions, before purchase, following the link in our footer menu. Note: Do not iron on fabrics with a low melting point, such as nylons, vinyl's, or leathers. Iron may scorch leathers and suede's. For these we recommend sewing.
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Embroidered sew on or iron on BC Patch. Wear the Waves & Trees emblem with pride. • Embroidered Iron on or sew on patch • Perfect to attach to a cap, jacket or bag. • 6.5 x 5cm
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The new Mutt patches are a great accessory for your riding jacket, guaranteed to make you go faster and look more handsome. Width: 5cm Height: 6cm Iron - on backing
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Official Oval Support 16 South East Patch These are embroidered patches and designed to be sewn on They measure approximately 9cm by 5.5cm Thank you for your support
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Our Custom ZAP Patches are stitched onto a tough Velcro backed patch. We produce these patches in our own workshop here in the UK, turnaround is normally 3 - 5 working days to dispatch. 10.5 cm x 7.5 cm Black Velcro backing
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A Northern motto to live by, if ever there was! Iron this patch on your favourite denim jacket and bring the positivity with you where ever you go. Embroidered with shiny gold and white thread, with a fully iron on backing. This "It'll Be Reet" iron on patch measures 78mm X 70mm and comes displayed on a backing card.
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