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Megasel is a new generation ash-based fuel additive for diesel engines designed for efficient fuel system operation. Cleans, dissolves tacky valves and injectors 5-15% fuel savings Provides lubrication (dry fuels) Improving performance Cetánszámnövelés Surface finishing on metal surfaces in contact with fuel Economical, reduces maintenance, reduces wear We get optimum gassing function, reducing exhaust emissions Improves cold start Cleans all fuel lines Prevents carbon deposits, coking combustion Improvement Stops rust and corrosion, increases fuel life Thanks to Metabond's chemical surface-refining effect, precise alignment of the sliding metal surfaces is achieved, so that their lifetime is significantly increased. The Megasel Plus composition cleans the entire fuel system and valves. Also recommended for vehicles with catalytic converter and particulate filter. Its use enables an environmentally friendly engine. Better combustion has a beneficial effect on emissions and the energy needed to extract the less energy from the engine. Improves cold start properties and prevents fuel lines from freezing in winter due to their emulsifying ability. Also suitable for diesel turbines, oil burners and steam generators. use: When refueling, every 10 liters of diesel must be filled with 4 ml into the tank immediately before refueling. Use a dispenser bottle. Clean biodiesel is not suitable for fuel! Mineral and biodiesel can only be used in a mixture of fuels if the bio-ratio is not higher than 10%! Reduction of the freezing point can be achieved by adding petroleum. Shelf life: 18 months from the date of manufacture on the bottle. Warning: Do not expose to naked flames or sparks! Do not spray on painted or painted surfaces. Origin: EU Pack size: 50 ml
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250 ml. The additive must be poured into the fuel tank before refueling For optimal filter maintenance, it is recommended to repeat treatment every 3000 km
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Forte Diesel Turbo Cleaner is specifically formulated for vehicles fitted with Variable Geometry Turbos. Particles from incomplete combustion adhere to the variable vanes causing them to stick; reducing vehicle power and efficiency; resulting in an engine management fault. Features: Cleans sticking Variable Geometry Turbos without dismantling. Actively reduces soot emissions. Cleans EGR Valves. Compatible with all diesel engines.
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DEi Radiator Relief. This coolant additive helps eliminate the problems experienced with high operating temperatures found in competition vehicles. This proven additive from DEi can reduce the coolant temperature by as much as 15 ̊C and reduce your engine's warm up time by half. Compatible with all types of antifreeze. Supplied in a 473ml bottle, suitable to treat 15 litres of coolant.Reduce engine coolant temperatures by upto 15 ̊CShown to reduce your engines warm up time by half1 bottle is suitable to treat 15 litres of coolant
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A phosphorous based additive to enable you to use unleaded petrol in your car without modifying the the soft valve seats in your engine. It is endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) following the tests developed by that independent body. 10 ml treats 10 litres of unleaded petrol. For a version with an octane booster refer to 094.171.
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Millers EPS Ethanol Protection Additive This product is a fuel treatment which provides ethanol protection when using unleaded fuel. Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps protect components. Also compatible with catalytic converters. Recommended for rebuilt classic engines with hardened valve seats previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel where an octane improver and lead replacement are not required. One bottle treats approx 50 litres of unleaded fuel. Endorsed by the FBHVC to protect against the corrosion effects of ethanol in modern fuels. Combats the adverse effects of ethanol in fuel (up to E10). Prevents fuel system corrosion. Helps protect components. Carburettor anti-icing formula. Compatible with catalytic converters.
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