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This additive, specially designed for bodywork paints and lacquers (direct gloss), allows the removal of any silicone traces on the surface to limit the appearance of small "craters" on the surface. More additives can be found on our website in the additive category.
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Resincoat Aggregate is a kiln dried silica sand which when added to paint gives it anti slip properties. It is available in a range of grades to provide varied slip resistance as per user requirements. Resincoat Aggregate silica can be added to any of our floor paints and coatings, and even some screeds or mortars to improve the level of slip resistance achieved underfoot. Resincoat Aggregate Anti slip paint additive can be applied in a number of ways, either pre-mixed, scattered into a single paint coat system, or sealed within a two coat system. Contact us for your requirements so we can advice the most best application method and quantity of additive required. Free advice given.
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ColorMatic: ColorMatic - that is the brand made by professionals for professionals The complete spray painting system offers a perfectly matched high-quality paint spray.
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250ml Anti-Silicone Additive with built in measuring pot. Used to eliminate Silicone problems, just add a drop of this product to your 2K Paints / Lacquer when mixing. Does not effect gloss or drying times.
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.IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING SOLVENT BASED PAINTS Please note it is against the law to use no-compliant solvent based paint and materials for refinishing / restoration of motor vehicles, unless the vehicle is classified as vintage or classic Exceptions: (1) None compliant vehicle paint / materials manufactured before 1 January 2007 can still be sold and purchased until stocks have depleted (2) To avoid the environmental consequences of disposing of none compliant materials Derfa and the Welsh assembly granted permission ( August 2007 ) for Auto body repair / refinishing garages to use up any existing none compliant materials they have in stock. We can supply a full range of compliant materials to suite all our customers requirements including Water based paint. None compliant solvent based paints will still be available for customers spraying Industrial Plant and Machinery only. . HELP SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. ALL OUR MATERIALS ARE FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.
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Black automotive square for your living space, vinyl floors are never that warm when camping. Squares are available in four sizes, custom sizes are available on request.
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