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Replacement handle for Bosch vacucums Ergonomic handle to ensure comfortable handling Suitable for hoses with 54mm opening and tube opening of 34mm
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An extremely convenient way to clean hands where no water supply is available. Ideal for vehicle drivers. Removes oil, paints, grease and general light soiling. Packaging; 500ml Can
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LA-CO Lifter brand gets hands and equipment clean. Lifter Hand Cleaner removes the heavy grease and grime that other products leave behind.Contains pumice for deep scrubbing actionFresh lemon scentContains no petroleum distillates to dry out skinHeavy-duty hand pump available for one-gallon sizeContains lanolin to soften and condition skin
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Description BA40 is a powerful solvent for use in specialist aerospace applications. The low pressure spray provides even coverage and prevents splashback in use. BA40 Solvent contains no CFCs or other chlorinated solvents. An ideal alternative to 1,1,1 Trichloroethane.0 Applications A highly effective cleaning solvent for the removal of numerous types of soiling, including: Uncured Polysulphides Adhesives Inks Resins Varnishes Lacquers Some Rubbers Suitable for use in the Aviation, Printing and Engineering industries. Evaporates quickly to leave a clean, dry surface.
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Hammerite Brush cleaner & thinners 0.25L.You can apply this brush cleaner & thinners from Hammerite to a range of surfaces. It's suitable for cleaning brushes & spills as well as thinning paint for spraying.
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Wheel Definition is an alkaline based wheel cleaner which quickly breaks down dirt and accumulated brake dust on your wheels. Directions for use: Simply Dilute Appropriately with water.1/2 if heavily soiled 1/5 for medium soiling and 1/9 for light soiling. Simply Spray or brush the product onto cool wheels, allow to soak for 1 – 2 minutes, agitate with brush if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Size:  500ml
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