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Gel time: 4-5 Min at 20 degree Celsius Sand after: 20-30 Min at 20 degree Celsius Colour: off white
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Synolite 1066-P-1 is a non-Lloyds approved general purpose pre-accelerated orthoplthalic polyester resin designed for non-critical applications. It is not for use in marine, food or potable water applications. It is a non-standard resin with no specified chemical resistance. The resin rapidly wets out glass mat and can be used in hand lay-up and spray manufacture.
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The box for laminating is suitable for repairs of larger material defect repair, perforations of metals, Can be used to of rusty environments. The very good adhesion on Regenerierten surfaces, allowing the repair box can be used for repairing bodywork panels can also be used for tubes, a water or camping gear that are made from metal and laminate elements since 1949. The structure is held in place with extra large resistance to mechanical stresses and vibration charakterisiert. The repair layer is even protects against high temperatures up to 120 °C, resistant to oils, lubricant or petrol. The box contains 242g polyester resin, 8g harder and 0.2 m2 Glass Fibre Repair Fabric. Colour: Transparent yellow Directions for use:-For filling in for sanding large material defect and perforations to fortify the areas that through corrosion under attack are for filling in of perforations on metal surfaces to make or repair of boats and camping devices VOC g/l: IIC (B) (250) 190 g/m2/l
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Our general purpose resin is top quality, pre-accelerated, thixotropic, orthophthalic resin suitable for a wide range of applications including boat building & repair, roofing, casting and more. Used by professionals worldwide from small industrial to super-yachts. Manufactured by one of the worlds leading producers of resins, its formulated to provide high quality mouldings whilst keeping styrene emissons low, allowing a better working environment.
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All Catalyst will be a 3 working day Delivery . Catalyst comes free with almost all resin products MEKP in liquid form. All Resins and Topcoats Require catalyst to enable the curing or hardening process , Add at 1% to 2% by weight  2% being the optimum addition (20ml per kg of resin) Options are . Slow For High Temperatures Standard For Temperatures between 10 degrees and 20 degrees Fast  Slow For Low temperatures 0 degrees to 10 degrees Measuring for catalyst is in the neck of all bottles supplied for your safety
Size:  1kg Pack
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Polyester resin is a two part system resulting in clear cast micro mounts for metallography. This system can be used with our range of embedding moulds to offer mould sizes from 25mm to 100 x 50mm. 1 Kg Polyester Resin 25cc catalyst / hardener
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