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DESCRIPTION ADDITIONAL INFO REVIEWS DOWNLOADS Electronic BATTERY MANAGER for total maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB and Lithium batteries at 12 Volt and 24 Volt. This unit also offers support activities when intervening on vehicles in workshops, repair shops and car dealer premises. The innovative Power Stream technology guarantees better performance, up to 50% more than traditional battery chargers. The Pulse Tronic technology guarantees optimal battery charging over 8 phases. Doctor Charge 130 carries out 5 functions: 1. Automatic charge and maintenance of batteries with PULSE TRONIC technology, even in difficult environmental conditions (low temperatures); 2. Battery tests such as voltage at terminals, starting capacity (CCA) and operational check of the vehicle alternator; 3. Recovery of sulphated or very discharged batteries, and recovery of optimal operation with periodic regeneration; 4. Stable power supply source for battery changes (to protect the on-board electronics), for diagnostic activities (operation checks carried out on the vehicles), for keeping the batteries of display vehicles in showrooms operational; 5. Vehicles starter Based on the SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) Technology.In case of black-outs or repetitive uses Doctor Charge 130 can set itself at the last settings carried out. Many protections available. Fit with PFC device. Specification: 230 Volt Mains Frequency 60 / 60hz Charge Power 1.8kw Start Power 2kw Charging Voltage 12 Volt & 24 Volt Effective Charging Current 140 / 70amp Start Current 180 amp Weight 6kg
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GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is a 120 A high power CONNECTED charger with inverter technology. LEAD-ACID/LITHIUM BATTERY CHARGER AND BATTERY SUPPORT UNIT PART NO:  027756 It allows keeping a 12 V lead or lithium battery at a perfectly stabilized voltage during the diagnostic phases. It will deliver the best charging cycle recommended for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles on the market. Its USB connectivity makes it 100% customisable. 4 OPERATING MODES • Charging: for 12 V Lead or Lithium (LFP) batteries from 5 to 1500 Ah. • Diagnostics: supports up to 120 A for 12 V batteries in vehicles in the diagnostic phase, in maintenance workshops. • Showroom: provides power compensation when using the electrical accessories of a demonstration vehicle. It also manages the optimal charging of the battery. • Tester: Allows you to check the battery voltage, evaluate the starting system (starter + battery) and the condition of the vehicle’s alternator. 100% CONNECTED • Add, delete or modify charging modes and profiles via USB. • Import predefined configuration files adapted to the load trades. • Retrieve the charging history and data on a USB stick and use them on a spreadsheet. • Connect additional modules (printer, barcode reader, etc.) via its dedicated module socket (SMC: Smart Module Connector). AUTOMATIC CHARGE • Extends the life and performance of Lead (gel, AGM, liquid, calcium, etc.) and Lithium (LFP) batteries. • Specific charging curve in 8 steps (lead battery) or 9 steps (lithium-iron-phosphate battery) without supervision. • Recovers deeply discharged batteries >2 V (automatic SOS Recovery). TECHNOLOGIES & ADVANCED FUNCTIONS FV F lexible V oltage, the charger operates with a supply voltage between 85 and 265 V. «Auto-Detect» function automatically starts a charge when a battery is connected to the charger. «Auto-Restart» function in the event of a power failure with the memory of the settings. Cable inspection and calibration Locking avoids the risk of improper handling, ideal for garages and exhibition halls. Up to 12 charging profiles available , including the Easy profile for simplified charging suitable for all lead batteries. SAFETY Protection of the vehicle’s on-board electronics: protection against short circuits, polarity reversal and overcharging. Spark prevention system. Interchangeable fusible which protect against misuse Temperature sensor to prevent internal electronics overheating. ADVANCED INTUITIVELY • Durable case with shock and vibration-absorbing pads. • Low height (13 cm) for the loader to pass under a vehicle. Supply: 220-240 V AC Power: 2000 W Charge: 120 A ** Trolley is not included in price**
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Tester for Lead Batteries up to 2.000 Amp in EN Reading CCA Standard DIN EN, SAE, IEC. Suitable for all types of lead batteries (free acid, MF, AGM, GEL, Ca/Ca) The Midtronics battery Tester provides highly precise readings of the conditions of any type of Lead-Acid Battery 6 and 12 Volt, whether they are WET, MF, AGM, GEL or Ca/Approx SD Card with software for updating The model MDX - 655 Comes with software for the analysis of the new ciclate no batteries and charging the start systems and 12 Volt and 24. MDX - 655 has Cables to 305 cm, separable.
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SIP Chargestar 100BSU Battery Support Unit The SIP Chargestar 100BSU is a microprocessor-controlled battery support unit and charge system with stable voltage, suitable for SLA, AGM, GEL, calcium, and stop-start batteries. 230v (13amp) input supply Battery support unit and charge system High current handling charger and supply Fully automatic charger for the following: SLA, AGM, GEL, calcium, stop-start 70A continuous supply, 100A for 3 minutes 100A power for vehicle flash reprogramming Maintains stable voltage in ECU/diagnostics Variable charge rates; 4amp, 20amp, 70amp Touch pad - positive incremental adjustment Integrated digital voltmeter and ammeter Dual temperature controlled cooling fans Manual mode with built-in digital timer Hard aluminium casing and handle 5m heavy-duty cable and clamps Fitted with an Anderson plug SIP are machinery specialists, with our catalogue featuring welding, metalwork, air compressors and tools, battery chargers, lifting, heating, power, woodworking, and cleaning equipment.
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Fully electronic, microprocessor controlled battery starter/charger designed to meet the requirements of modern battery technology. Suitable for AGM/GEL, Lead Acid, and Lead Calcium as well as stop/start batteries found on electric and hybrid vehicles. Features up to ten analysis and charge phases and suitable for 12V & 24V electrical systems. Instant visual check of battery condition, charge current, voltage and charging rate via LED read-out. Stabilised charging current allows improved charging efficiency and reduced charging times using ECS (Electronic Control Systems) technology. Includes circuitry to provide surge and spike protection during charging and starting, preventing damage to vital systems such as ABS, airbag sensors, ignition and music systems. Features power supply mode, providing support for the battery to prevent it from being drained during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks and software updates. Model No ECS300 Nett Weight: 14.89Kg Output: 12/24V Output Charge Peak(EN): 45A(30A) Output Start Peak(EN)*: 300A(200A) Battery Range: 4-350Ah Input Charge: 1kW - 4A Input Start: 5kW - 21A Charging Rates: 3 x Preset + 1 x Variable to Max. Current Supply: 230V - 16A Supply BSU Supply: 20A - 13.5V Polarity Protection: Fuse (1 x 80A) Fuse: 120/122351 (Single), 120/802260 (Pack of 20) Note: *Performance dependent on connection to an adequate, good clean electric supply.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1568937600000,662.95],[1580774400000,707.95],[1582257026576,707.95]],"product_title":"Sealey ECS300 Fully Electronic Vehicle Battery Starter and Charger"}
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Key Features: • Capacity range: 215 - 3170Ah (C10/1.80Vpc/20oC) • Excellent deep discharge recovery and cyclability • Superior operational safety • Easy and flexibility installation: vertical or horizontal position • Very low maintenance: no water addition Technical Specifications: Ah Rating 250Ah+ Country of Manufacture United Kingdom Dimensions (mm) 210 x 233 x 695 Material OPzV SKU 10OPzV1000 FR Voltage 2V Weight (kgs) 82
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566359426579,655.61],[1582257026579,655.61]],"product_title":"Enersys PowerSafe (C10) GEL OPzV Tubular Plate Battery 1170Ah 2V"}
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