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Purchase Car Transporter Straps online or by phone at metals4U. Goods are ex stock for a speedy delivery.Set Of 4x Straps With Medium Hook End Ratchet Fittings In A Carry Bag To Hold A Capacity Of 1500Kg. Comes In A 3m Length And Is 50mm Thick. Specifically For Car Transportation.
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The BBT is an ATV multi-tool trailer - just one basic unit with several retrofit attachments. The basic unit is designed to pick up and transport large round or square bales. Then by adding the hard easy fit trailer sides you can transform your BBT from a bale transporter into a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer. •The BBT is designed to minimise workload and reduce the need of a tractor or tele-handler. •Its lightweight and low ground pressure design is perfect for protecting paddocks and fields - particularly in the wetter months. •Two short spikes are used for moving large square bales or one long spike for large round bales. •Easy fit hard trailer sides are supplied with all trailers and quickly convert the bale transporter into a versatile hydraulic tipping trailer. •A 12V double acting hydraulic power pack makes lifting bales and tipping trailer loads, easy for everyone. •Floatation tyres are used to reduce ground compaction and disruption. With the weight distributed between the axels and the ATV, towing becomes much easier and lighter over the ground. •The standard 50mm ball hitch trailer coupling allows the trailer to be attached to any tow ball fitted vehicle, from ATVs to cars, lawnmowers and tractors. - 12V hydraulically operated bale transporter - Single spike for round bales or twin spikes for square bales - Short solid easy attach trailer side.
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Straps for Single Vehicle Transport & Recovery 3 part set comprising 4.0 metre overall length main tension strap with snap hook Heavy duty narrow handle locking ratchet buckle with snap hook Complete with CTS9 soft eye diverter strap Minimum breaking force 4000 daN (Kg) when new Lashing capacity 2000 daN (Kg)
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Volkswagen Transporter T4 Bonnet 1990>2003
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Built to install specifically into the Volkswagen Transporter What We Provide with This Kit; 1 – SplitCharge 140 Amp 12V Split Charge Relay – Voltage Sensitive. 3.5 Meters –  16mm² PVC Red Main Power Cable Rated to 110 Amp at 12 Volt. ** FOR UNDER DRIVERS SEAT ** 3.0 Meters – 16mm² PVC Red Main Power Cable Rated to 110 Amp at 12 Volt. ** FOR UNDER PASSENGER SEAT ** 5.0 Meters – 16mm² PVC Red Main Power Cable Rated to 110 Amp at 12 Volt. ** FOR FITTING IN THE BACK OF VAN** 0.5 Meters – 16mm² PVC Black Earth Cable. 1 Meter – Split Conduit 10.1mm I/D For Protecting Cables in the Engine Bay. 1 x Pair of Quick Release Battery Terminals 2 x MTA Midi Fuse Holders. 4 x MTA Midi Fuses (Includes 2 Spares). Crimp Terminals Required to Connect Your Kit. Heatshrink 2:1 Ratio For Protecting Cable & Crimps. 15 x Black Nylon Cable Ties. 10 x Adhesive Cable Tie Fixing Bases (28mm x 28mm) including fixing Screws. 2.5mm Roll Forged Drill Bit. 2 x Double Sided Foam Sticky Pads (40mm x 28mm) To Use If Needed. Each Kit Comes with Extremely Easy to Understand Fitting Instructions.
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Heavy duty strap 35mm. stitched webbing. Soft loop each end to fit over handlebars, Fleece protection sleeve to prevent fuel tank being marked. Complete with two 35mm ratchet buckle with snap hook to tension strap.
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