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Another great product from e-trailers Absolute top quality wheel in Silver 12" VLUKON trailer wheel rim, 4.5J x 12" 4 stud 100mm PCD with a 60mm center hole (no offset) Suitable for 140x70x12 & 155x70x12 tyres 4 stud 100mm PCD measurement from one stud hole diagonal through the center hole to the opposite stud hole. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL RECEIVE A SILVER VLUKON RIM WE HAVE OTHER TYPE AND SIZES OF VLUKON RIMS - PLEASE CONTACT US
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"e-trailers.co.uk","prices":[[1573516800000,39.65],[1582618506547,39.65]],"product_title":"VLUKON 12\" Trailer Wheel Rim 4.5J x 12 - 4 Stud 100mm PCD Fits 155x70x12 TYRE"}
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Very versatile cross tyres with rough grip for the vast majority of surfaces. Razorback Feral is a tyre for you who travel on many different lanes and surfaces. The rubber blend is really durable and the durability is stunning. The optimum distance between the studs provides an excellent grip in both clay and hard-packed soil, while the strategically calculated patterns provide a highly predictable behavior on both the crossroads and the enduro-track. The descendants are also equipped with Razorback's "Z", which increases the compatibility of the rubber compound with the substrate. Here you simply get the right tyre for your money! - Unbelievably affordable. - Durable rubber blend. - Razorback's Z in studs - Good grip on all surfaces. - Great for enduro racing.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"24mx.co.uk","prices":[[1567468800000,15.99],[1582618506549,15.99]],"product_title":"Razorback Feral 10\"-10\" Tyre Set"}
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1 x Brand New Best Quality Carlisle Brand 18" Rear Tyre, For Ride On Tractor Mowers with 8" Wheel Rims, Tyre Size: 18 x 9.50-8, 2 Ply, Tyre Brand: Carlisle. Carlisle are the best you can buy and are the same used by nearly all OEM Ride On Mower manufacturers, ( This listing is for 1 Rear Tyre only, this does not come with the wheel or valve ), FREE DELIVERY WITHIN THE UK !
£43.48 was £43.99
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"japgmowers.co.uk","prices":[[1569542400000,43.99],[1581984000000,43.48],[1582618506553,43.48]],"product_title":"Ride On Mower, Rear Tyre Tire, Size 18\", For 8\" Wheel Rims, 18 x 9.50-8 CARLISLE"}
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The ‘Hunt’ for a super-light aero road rim-brake rim 27 DEEP | 23 WIDE Ext | 18 Wide Int | 485G A road rim that is responsive, aero and incredibly light. Hit the long climbs fast, push out of the saddle, attack the corners and lead the club-run pack on the flat. If these are your aims then the incredibly light Hunt Race Season Aero rim is designed specifically to maximize your riding performance. Higperformancece technology that will deliver you to the finish every time . A strong and super-lightweight 6061-T6 heat-treated rim features an aero rounded profile 27mm deep and wide at 23mm (18mm internal) for a great tyre profile with wider 25-32mm tyres, giving excellent grip and lower rolling resistance. Detailed Specifications Rim Tubeless-ready – designed to work excellently with normal clincher tyres and tubes or tubeless tyres. Tubeless rim tape offered separately. 6061-T6 super-light heat-treated aluminium alloy. 23mm outer and 18mm inner width ideal for 23-34mm tyre widths 27mm deep rounded aero section Precision machined rim brake track Matt black anodized finish with matt white heated decals for excellent durability Maximum tyre pressure for this rim is 125psi. Please do not exceed the maximum pressure stated on your tyre. ERD 591mm Lacing: Front - Radial Rear - Cross 2 Recommended spoke tension: Front - 105-120 kgf Rear - 120-135 kgf
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"huntbikewheels.com","prices":[[1576195200000,69],[1582618506556,69]],"product_title":"HUNT Race Aero Rim"}
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The Purgatory GRID 2Bliss Ready tire is the standard bearer for light trail tire performance. The new, completely redesigned tread features square lugs that bite in on soft soil, while still providing support on hard-packed ground. Additionally, flexible center sipes fold out under braking force for increased ground contact and adhesion. For further peace of mind, the GRID casing provides the utmost in cut and flat protection at the sidewalls. And to top it all off, our proprietary GRIPTON® compound helps make this the perfect choice for epic trail rides in any condition. Casing: Additional sidewall protection for exceptional durability, plus sidewall stiffness for stability. Bead: Foldable Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready Compound: GRIPTON® 26 x 2.3′′, psi 25-50, approximate weight 710g 27.5 x 2.3′′, psi 25-50, approximate weight 785g 27.5 x 2.6′′, psi 20-40, approximate weight 970g 27.5 x 3.0′′, Max Ride 25 psi / Max Install 35 psi, approximate weight 1100g 29 x 2.3′′, psi 25-50, approximate weight 810g 29 x 2.6′′, psi 20-40, approximate weight 900g
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"wheelbase.co.uk","prices":[[1575590400000,42],[1582618506558,42]],"product_title":"Specialized Purgatory Grid Tyre"}
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Description Season : Code : 46450 Weight : 0.65KG The NEW Tyre Booster from Schwalbe. Tubeless tyre assembly can now be accomplished easily, and the light, handy cylinder can be used both statically and on the road. A powerful blast of air is required for tubeless tyre assembly so that the tyre bead quickly presses into the rim flange and the tyre is sealed. “Depending on the combination of tyre and rim, it doesn’t always work with conventional floor pumps,” explains Peter Krischio, Schwalbe Product Manager Race. In the professional workshop or at the garage, a compressor helps out. For safe and easy fitting without a compressor, Schwalbe is now launching the Tyre Booster, which was developed in collaboration with the British start-up Airshot. With it, a pressure of up to eleven bar can be immediately applied in the tyres. “The tyre immediately seats itself safely on the rim and seals everything evenly,” says Peter Krischio. “The Tyre Booster is a significant advantage for assembly of tubeless tyres. At a light 435 grams, you can easily take it along on your trips.” If you need an even bigger flow of air, a special adapter is also available. For this, the valve insert is removed and the adapter is screwed directly onto the valve spindle - the airflow is thus maximised. And this is how it works: connect the Tyre Booster to a conventional floor pump using the SV valve on the Tire Booster, fill the cylinder and then operate the quick-release valve. The air immediately distributes itself evenly and the tire seats itself - usually with the typical loud crack - firmly on the rim.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"fawkes-cycles.co.uk","prices":[[1566720906562,43.55],[1582618506562,43.55]],"product_title":"Schwalbe Tubeless Tyre Booster"}
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