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The Industrial Upholstered 180cm Bench is the perfect addition to the Industrial Oak or Industrial Stone Dining Tables. Slate Grey upholstered Top Metal Base Some Assembly Required Matching Chairs Available
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1578614400000,229],[1582638264682,229]],"product_title":"Industrial Upholstered 180cm Bench"}
The strong build of our cafe bar stools makes them suitable for commercial use in cafes, bars and hotels as well as for home use. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are stackable. Made from tough metal, with long legs and a crossed back. Height 116cm, Width 48cm, Depth 49cm, Seat Height 74cm. Colour: Vintage red. Available in a range of vintage colours. Delivery is free.
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Features chrome foot ring that can be easily adjusted Highly adjustable tilting mechanism allows you to position the chair back to your desired angle for comfort Ideal for use in warehouses as well as retail environments such as high street banks Choose between model with arm rests or withoutBlue, black or charcoal colours availableSupplied as vinyl or woolen tweedWe also offer Operator Chairs a good alternative that covers many of the same benefits as the industrial chairs
£179.99 was £185.39
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Summary Box: The Koheras BASIK MIKRO is the smallest industrial single frequency fiber laser on the market and it is designed for OEM integration in industrial sensing systems. The module includes fully integrated laser control electronics, as well as continuous monitoring of the laser performance. Based on a truly single mode DFB fiber laser architecture, it offers ultra stable performance free of mode-hops. Description: The module is available in two different laser versions, C15 and E15. The standard wavelength is 1550 nm and the MIKRO is available with output wavelength anywhere in the 1535 to 1580 nm range. Moreover, the laser offers a wide thermal wavelength tuning range and can be combined with fast wavelength modulation e.g. for external stabilization. The lasers are available with PM (Polarisation Maintaining) or non-PM output. For easy control, the MIKRO is available with an optional USB interface kit and can be controlled via NKT CONTROL graphical user interface. ­ Compact OEM footprint ­ Low phase noise and narrow linewidth ­ Robust single frequency operation ­ High wavelength stability ­ PM and fast frequency tuning option ­ Ideal for OEM integration in Sensing Specifications: Optical E15 C15 Laser emission CW - inherently single frequency Beam quality [M²] Linewidth [kHz] * Max phase noise [dB(Rad/√Hz/m] -90@10 Hz -110@100 Hz -130@20 kHz -69@10 Hz -89@100 Hz -109@20 kHz Max phase-noise [µrad/√Hz/m] 32@10 Hz 3.2@100 Hz 0.3@20 kHz 355@10 Hz 36@100 Hz 3.5@20 kHz RIN peak [MHz] app. 0.7 app. 1 RIN level @ peak / 10 MHz [dBc/Hz] Optical S/N (50 pm res.) [dB] > 50 (typ. > 55) > 65 (typ > 70) Min thermal wavelength tuning range [pm] ** +/- 350 +/- 350 Total thermal tuning range [pm] 1000 1000 Options : Fast wavelength modulation range [GHz] > 8 Fast wavelength modulation [kHz] Up to 20 PM output - PER [dB] > 23 Downloads: NKT Koheras BasiK MIKRO datasheet
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,0],[1582638264689,0]],"product_title":"NKT Photonics Koheras BasiK MIKRO, smallest industrial, single frequency fiber laser"}
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The 80mm x 22mm Industrial Castor Wheels - White Polyamide has the following features:80mm Wheel Diameter (D), Polyamide Material Specification, 10mm Fixing Hole Diameter (F), White Finish, 27mm Total Width (M), 9 Type, 80Kg Approximate Load Capacity, 22mm Wheel Width (C), Polyamide Material. Caster wheels are the main part of a caster assembly. These wheels do not include the bracket that holds them onto the application. High precision wheels are fundamental to the smooth movement of mobile applications. Caster Wheel Material Polyamide, Polyurethane, Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber - Polyamide - 80
Size:  80
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1570406400000,3.6],[1575331200000,3.37],[1578528000000,38.59],[1582638264691,38.59]],"product_title":"80mm x 22mm Industrial Castor Wheels - White Polyamide (pack of 24)"}
This 4" Vintage Antique castor with cast iron spoked wheel can be easily fitted to equipment with the threaded stem fitting. This furniture caster wheel is ideal for your coffee table to create an industrial/rustic look.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566740664693,29.26],[1582638264693,29.26]],"product_title":"Castors - 100mm Stem Fitting Cast Iron Industrial Furniture Castor"}
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