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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566682706919,9.8],[1582580306919,9.8]],"product_title":"10.2mm Dormer Drill Bit"}
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A range of high speed steel straight shank twist drill bits in metric sizes. Sold in packs of 10 of a single size. RoHS Exempt
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566682706922,3.84],[1572912000000,4.03],[1582580306922,4.03]],"product_title":"HSS Twist Drill Bits"}
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566682706924,1.25],[1582580306924,1.25]],"product_title":"2.5MM HSS TI COATED DRILL BIT"}
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Metal Drill Bit HSS-co, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 mm Set of 19, steel M35 Deep geschliffen 135 ° Point Angle, correction the horizontal cutting, Manufacturer: Topex
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566682706927,26.54],[1567036800000,26.57],[1567641600000,26.56],[1568160000000,26.53],[1568332800000,26.52],[1569369600000,26.48],[1569456000000,26.49],[1569974400000,26.5],[1570147200000,26.49],[1570579200000,28.06],[1570752000000,28.03],[1571184000000,27.48],[1571356800000,27.43],[1571788800000,27.38],[1571875200000,27.37],[1572307200000,27.3],[1572566400000,27.28],[1572912000000,27.13],[1572998400000,26.45],[1573257600000,26.46],[1573516800000,26.25],[1573689600000,26.22],[1574208000000,26.15],[1574380800000,26.13],[1574726400000,26.11],[1574899200000,26.1],[1575244800000,26.05],[1575504000000,26.04],[1575936000000,26.31],[1576108800000,26.3],[1576627200000,26.27],[1576800000000,26.26],[1577145600000,26.29],[1577491200000,26.27],[1577750400000,26.24],[1577923200000,26.23],[1578441600000,26.1],[1579132800000,26.12],[1579824000000,26.45],[1580169600000,26.44],[1580428800000,26.45],[1580601600000,26.44],[1580688000000,26.45],[1580774400000,26.46],[1581033600000,26.49],[1581292800000,26.48],[1581379200000,26.49],[1581638400000,26.5],[1581724800000,26.49],[1581811200000,26.51],[1582070400000,26.56],[1582156800000,26.55],[1582243200000,26.56],[1582329600000,26.5],[1582416000000,26.49],[1582580306927,26.49]],"product_title":"Graphite 57H089 Metal Drill Bit"}
Sizes available: 1.00mm - 12mmThese solid carbide drill bits with a straight shank are perfect for drilling through all hard metals. Ensure a steady hand when using these drills, ideally used at high speed in a pillar drill.No lubrication is necessary although a small dab of oil can help. Make sure everything is running true without any lateral movement. Further technical details belowFor delicate drilling through hard materials for watch repair work, model engineering, archeology and scientific laboratory work try our Carbide Micro Drill Bits.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566682706939,4.2],[1582580306939,4.2]],"product_title":"Carbide Drill Bits"}
This Red Pro drill bit set boasts quality and precision allowing you to feel confident that your product has been manufactured to high standards. This metal drill bit set comes well presented in a unique Red Pro branded carry case, that the bits simply fold out from when required. The carry case also allows for easy storage and transport. 40% faster than standard ground HSS drill bits Heat & Wear-resistant Suitable for use on: Alloyed/ non alloyed steel Stainless steel Cast Iron Cast Steel Acid & heat-resistant steels Red Pro bright drill bits: 1.5mm x 40mm 2.0mm x 50mm 2.5mm x 55mm 3.0mm x 60mm 3.2mm x 65mm 3.5mm x 70mm 4.0mm x 75mm 4.5mm x 80mm 4.8mm x 90mm 5.0mm x 85mm 5.5mm x 90mm 6.0mm x 95mm 6.5mm x 100mm
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,6.99],[1582580306943,6.99]],"product_title":"Red Pro Metal HSS-G Drill Bit Set - 13 Pieces"}
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