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Type LL Male Stud Compression Fitting. Maximum Working Pressure: 100 bar. Suitable for oil and grease applications. Material: Zinc plated steel.
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Male Click Fitting Specifications 0.75-inch BSP male thread, one end with a standard click fitting Please enter the number of Male Click Fittings you require.
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The 12” Offset/Below Ground Extension Fitting is designed to extend fixed pipework, thereby helping an operator connect a delivery or loading hose. With two BSP threads, this fitting is crafted from aluminium and offers a male and female connection. Size: 2” Threads: Male BSP to Female BSP Material: Aluminium Length: 12” Dimensions Conformity: To Any Relevant Standard Working Pressure: Relevant to Aluminium LM4TF – EN AB 45200 & MIL – C – 27487 Temperature Range: Relevant to Aluminium LM4TF – EN AB 45200 & MIL – C – 27487 Weight: 0.50 kg
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Barrow 45-Degree Rotary Fitting WhiteThe Barrow G1/4" Thread 45-Degree Rotary Fitting Adaptor allows you to extend your fitting port at a 45 degree angle, allowing larger fittings to be used or allowing connection of other fittings!A great solution for people not using tubing between very close blocks, these are the standard G1/4 so will screw into any of our standard fittings. These have a rotary connection allowing the adaptor to spin 360 degrees.This keeps tubing from kinking or breaking. - 21.00g
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-6 Female Straight Progold Crimped Fitting Ultimate in lightweight Crimp Price Includes Ferrule
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Product Spares & Accessories Plastic black female quick connect air fitting with 1/4" thread. Includes locking nut. This part is used with TS250, TS255, TS350 and TS355 dispensers as the connector for adapter assemblies on the front of the machine. Used on precision dispensing systems. TSI components are recommended for use with other TSI Parts only. Part ID: 535 Materials: Nylon/ Polypro/ Steel Colour: Black Max Pressure: 100 PSI Thread: 1/4" NPT Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.
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