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Anti-splash design, the spikes absorb the urine, prevents splash back, protecting the floor, reducing odor and preventing the spread of bacteria Good for men's bathroom, restroom in church, bar, restaurant, office and Commercial facility Apple fragrance, Great long-lasting, smell good, not overpowering. Keep the men's restroom smelling fresh Size: 6"x 6". Highly Flexible to conform to any size/shape urinal, Includes 12 urinal screens. Every 2 pieces are packed in Resealable plastic bags. Easy to use and store.
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Superior Moisture Retention - gasket and lid tightly seal to prevent wipes from drying out Theft-Proof- canister seal requires removal to dispense wet wipes Easy Maintenance -lid and foot fold flat to wall when not in use Large Capacity - holds 4"-5" rim diameter wipe canisters Kleen Keeper Wet Wipe Dispenser is a reliable and efficient way to dispense standard canister sized wet wipes. Keep wipes in one handy place with the ability to remove canister and go where the spills are.
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✅Long-lasting fresh fragrance: Get a fresh, clean fragrance in the men's toilet with urinal mats. These durable mats have a refreshing fragrance scent that eliminates urine odor without a heavy, chemical odor. The urinal will become cleaner and fresher with each flush. ✅Prevents splashes to keep your floor clean: The clever bristles on the urinal mat trap the urine stream and channel it into the drain. That means no splashes back and no wet mess around the urinal. It also prevents urinal clogging of dirt like chewing gum down the drain. ✅Holds for 5000 flushes: The fresh scent keeps the entire toilet good for over 5000 flushes. That's at least 30 days, even in a very high traffic. ✅Fits every urinal: The universal round shape means you can use OUR urinal mats in virtually any urinal. They fit much more urinals than square or diamond shaped urinal mat.
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A component of the WhiffAway Waterless Urinal – the patented ‘WhiffAway Waterless Urinal – Hygiene Seal / Valve’ prevents any aromas in the pipework. The seal is constructed with “memory” silicon that opens up when liquid hits it from the top then effectively seals up when liquid is no longer flowing. Please note that the WhiffAway Hygiene Seal is a component of the WhiffAway Waterless Urinal – this will be changed at set intervals as part of the Planned and Preventative Maintenance package, this component is available for purchase separately in high usage environments.
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- Tork Elevation - Reliable and drip free system: Secures good hygiene - High capacity, 475 shots: Low maintenance - Robust design: Suitable also for demanding environments - 380g
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These quality Z fold hand towels from Tork are ideal for use in a variety of washrooms and kitchens. Each sheet is folded into the preceding one for an individual sheet by sheet dispense, reducing wastage and the risk of cross contamination, as well savign you money. Suitable for most dispensers. Blue. 250 sheets per roll. 1-Ply. Pack quantity: 12 Paper 385(H) x 300(W) x 130(D)mm 8.03kg - Blue - Paper
Colour:  Blue
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