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Free up space and secure power cords between rack-mount PDUs and attached IT equipment with this exclusive easy-to-use cord retention method. This cord will fit into any standard IEC receptacle or power inlet. This locking connector reduces the probability of accidentally disconnecting cords and dropping loads.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"ebuyer.com","prices":[[1566691200000,74],[1566777600000,74.3],[1566864000000,74.33],[1566950400000,73.84],[1567123200000,74.09],[1567209600000,74.15],[1567468800000,74.34],[1567555200000,74.24],[1567987200000,73.49],[1568073600000,73.29],[1568332800000,71.48],[1568419200000,70.85],[1569024000000,70.22],[1569628800000,70.85],[1569888000000,72.59],[1569974400000,72.64],[1570060800000,72.76],[1570233600000,72.91],[1570492800000,72.95],[1570579200000,73.37],[1570665600000,73.59],[1570752000000,71.48],[1570838400000,69.6],[1572652800000,69],[1573689600000,70.1],[1573776000000,69.87],[1573862400000,69.84],[1574035200000,70.06],[1574121600000,70.76],[1574208000000,70.13],[1574294400000,70.08],[1574380800000,70.18],[1574467200000,70.55],[1574640000000,70.31],[1574726400000,69.98],[1574812800000,69.87],[1574899200000,69.86],[1574985600000,69.76],[1575072000000,69.64],[1575244800000,69.7],[1575331200000,72.41],[1575417600000,72.24],[1575504000000,71.72],[1575590400000,71.52],[1575676800000,71.64],[1575849600000,71.33],[1575936000000,71.26],[1576195200000,71.84],[1576281600000,70.97],[1576368000000,70.68],[1576540800000,70.71],[1576627200000,71.97],[1576800000000,72.04],[1577145600000,72.68],[1577923200000,71.79],[1578009600000,69.57],[1578096000000,69.83],[1578268800000,72.1],[1578355200000,72.44],[1578528000000,72.14],[1578614400000,72.5],[1579737600000,72.3],[1579824000000,70.85],[1579910400000,70.23],[1581724800000,69.05],[1582580514452,69.05]],"product_title":"APC Power Cord, Locking C19 to IEC309-16A, 3m"}
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Rugged and durable. Easy to install. Ergonomic design, more convenient and comfortable to use. With reliable performance, sensitive and stable operation. Good environmental adaptability. Specification: Model:HCNE1-1039 Color:Gold & Green Voltage:12V Current:500mA Stroke:10mm Gravitation:25N Size:40*20*25mm Quantity:1pcs Features: Range of application: 1.Slot machine/one-arm bandit 2.Coin machine 3.Office equipment Line Printer/Computer equipment/fax machine/punch-in time clock/photocopier/typewriter/cash register/drawing machine/open drinking machines 4.Transporting equipment Automatic door lock/safety belt lock/auto electromagnetic/mechanical parking equipment 5.Home appliances Tape recorder/video recorder/keyboard/automatic knitting machine 6.Others Packaging machine/manipulator/farming and stockbreeding machinery/stamping equipment Package Included: 1 x Electromagnet Solenoid Actuator
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"marketplace.amazon.co.uk","prices":[[1582156800000,29.73],[1582580514464,29.73]],"product_title":"Nan zheng Power Transmission Products, 500mA 12V 10mm Electromagnet Solenoid Actuator"}
5 Litre Synthetic Soluble Thread Cutting OilSynthetic Soluble Thread Cutting Oil - 5 Litre
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"hscmsc.co.uk","prices":[[1578528000000,22.6],[1582580514466,22.6]],"product_title":"Powerlube POWER-LUBE Synthetic Soluble Thread Cutting Oil (5L) "}
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Product Datasheet The NB181608-10FSX is designed to protect sensitive equipment from the elements and supply it with proper airflow. The unit features two high flow 120 VAC fans featuring ball bearings. The fans are independently controlled by HyperLink's exclusive twin fan Solid State temperature controller to minimize power consumption and noise. The unit features provisions for connecting AC power, data or RF cables to the enclosure. Additional holes can be added to the enclosure for custom orders. The Enclosure is a rugged weatherproof design that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, it is well suited for wide temperature extremes or installations subjected to driven rain or snow. The integral mounting flange allows mounting on any flat surface. When used with it's optional mounting brackets, the unit can mount to a pole or column. The raised lid features a continuous stainless steel hinge and quick release stainless steel latches with padlock hasps. The raised lid features a full gasket to block water intrusion. The enclosure material is UV stabilized and comes in machine tool gray. Mounting Plate The aluminum plate features a large unobstructed area to mount equipment. Standard are four 120 VAC outlets to power internal equipment. A convenient terminal strip provides a point to connect the AC line. The mounting plate also has provisions to mount WLAN equipment from Cisco, Symbol, D-Link, HyperLink and more (see mounting plate drawing). With the optional HGX-AMOUNT02 bracket, a wide array of HyperLink Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) products and Power Supplies can be mounted as well. Two of these brackets can be mounted side by side. Also available is the HGX-NMOUNT03 Universal Mounting Shelf that can be attached to the mounting plate and can accommodate additional equipment to be placed in the enclosure. Lightning Protection Surge protection is provided as a standard feature on the internal AC outlets. In addition, the unit can accept up to two optional bulkhead-mount N-Type lightning protectors to protect the coaxial cable runs. Additional N-Type lightning protectors can be added on custom orders. Mounted to the optional HGX-AMOUNT02 bracket, the HGLN-CAT5 lightning protector can be used with Power-over-Ethernet applications. Enclosure with Dual Fan Solid State Controller The NB181608-10FSX comes with two independently controlled 120 VAC cooling fans installed. The fans are controlled by HyperLink's exclusive dual fan Solid State Controller. The top fan has a turn-on temperature of +90‚¬Å¡¬Ãƒ€¦¡° F. If the temperature continues to climb to +100‚¬Å¡¬Ãƒ€¦¡° F, the lower fan turns on. When the temperature drops back to +91‚¬Å¡¬Ãƒ€¦¡° F, the lower fan turns off. When the temperature drops to +81‚¬Å¡¬Ãƒ€¦¡° F, the top fan turns off. (A minimum order quantity is required for custom fan setpoints and other configurations.) The dual fan design offers inherent redundancy. The Solid State Controller features improved temperature set-point accuracy and can be factory modified for other temperature set-points. The fans are controlled by integral Solid State AC relays. The relays feature Zero Cross Detection for EMI reduction. No extra room for the controller is required since it is mounted underneath the plate." Molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) industrial Enclosure Stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 rated Fully gasketed raised Vented lid with removable filters & integral mounting flange Features aluminum mounting plat
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"itm-components.co.uk","prices":[[1576195200000,515.79],[1582580514468,515.79]],"product_title":"18x16x8 Inch 120 VAC Weatherproof Enclosure with Power Saver Solid State Fan Controller"}
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Rugged and durable. Easy to install. Ergonomic design, more convenient and comfortable to use. With reliable performance, sensitive and stable operation. Good environmental adaptability. Specification: Type: Linear Moder Number: LMF8UU Inner Diameter: 8mm Material: Steel Features: Ball in the cage loop to run a smooth ball guide surface to ensure stability even if high-speed. Usage: Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, printed circuit board IC assembly equipment, robotic arm, precision measurement equipment, office automation equipment, and other large-scale linear slide devices. Package Included: 1 x LMF8UU Linear Bearing
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"marketplace.amazon.co.uk","prices":[[1582156800000,17.34],[1582580514470,17.34]],"product_title":"Nan zheng Power Transmission Products, 8mm Round Flange Linear Ball Bearing LMF8UU"}
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Product Description A Section Power Twist Plus V-Belt (13mm) - 1 Mtr PowerTwist Plus sets the standard for link V-belt longevity and durability. It is made of a custom-designed, high-tech polyurethane/polyester composite and will not fail where others might resulting in less downtime, higher productivity and reduced maintenance costs. Superior resistance to oils, grease, water, most common industrial/agricultural chemicals and solvents. It has the same cross section dimensions as conventional endless V-belts and can be installed on existing pulleys with no changes in set-up. Operating temperature range: -40o F to +240o F.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"bearingboys.co.uk","prices":[[1566682914472,28.74],[1582580514472,28.74]],"product_title":"A Section Power Twist Plus V-Belt (13mm) - 1 Mtr"}
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