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Steel Pipe Coupler Pipe Joiner - Mender - Coupling Steel Plated Barbed Coupling Double Barbed Plated Durable Steel Pack of x1
Size:  1 1/2" (38mm)
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Contents: 10 magnets (6mm dia.) The Greenwich Coupling is not a completely new invention but rather an improvement on the systems that were available at the time. This includes developing a process that blackens the brass fret so that it does not require painting after being built (apart from the occasional touch up). This means that paint is not clogging up the moving parts. The Greenwich Couplings come as a black brass etched sheet kit. The couplings are cut out and folded into the correct shape and this takes a moderate amount of modelling skill. A small amount of iron wire (provided) is wound around a part of the coupling that protrudes backwards at an angle. This lifts the coupling open when moving over a magnetic field, either permanent or electromagnetic. Also available is a coupling height gauge so that you can fix your couplings to a consistent height above rail level ensuring that all your stock can couple up.
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KTR Coupling Misalignment - Angular: 0.9. Misalignment - Parallel: 0.22mm. Misalignment - Axial: -0.5 mm, +1.4 mm. MPN: ROTEX24-98SHEL-KTR - adult
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Snaplock Coupling 1 Inch Aluminium TYPE B100Snaplock camlock coupling B Coupler Male Coupling Thread BSP in AluminiumStraight through, leakproof connections.No tools required to connect.Half inch to 6 inch sizes.Pin locking hole features as standard on aluminium Working pressures up to 250 psi (18 bar). Camlock Fittings Datasheet
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Features: 100% brand new and high quality. This joint or coupling connects rigid rods whose axes are inclined to each other. Made of premium metal material, it is durable and has long service life. It is commonly used for shafts that transmit r-otary motion. Widely used for connecting model car, model ships, robots, etc. Specification: Material: Metal Inner Diameter: 14mm / 0.6in Outer Diameter: 28mm / 1.1in Length: 60mm / 2.4in Weight: 198g / 7oz (approx.) Package list: 1 * Universal Joint 2 * Screws
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SYMOBA NEM Coupling ConversionsSliders / Close coupling mechanism(No. 111)The 'slider' (A.K.A. short coupling mechanism) is used to replace the existing coupling mount (it can also be chassis mounted).This then acts as a spring loaded centring mechanism for your coupler, ensuring that it is always central.An appropriate NEM pocket is chosen suitable for the model and is fitted onto the square pin.Once the correct height is set (using a height gauge/rule), the pin is cut to length. Packaging: 1 pair (2 pieces).Base Dimensions: 12mm x 11mm x 2mmSYMOBA #111
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