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Sonic® Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves Material: Nitrile (100% Latex-Free) Type: Non Sterile Glove Design & Feature: Ambidextrous and Finger Textured Cuff: Beaded Usage: For Single Use Only Color: Indigo Thickness: 2.2 mil Packaging: 100 pieces per box* / 10 boxes per case Automated packing to enhance single glove dispensing Color: Indigo Packaging: 100 pieces per box* / 10 boxes per case
Size:  M
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400 Pack Multi-purpose Gloves (Different Sizes available) Can be used in Food Service, HealthCare, Sanitary, Baby, Home, Auto. Pet care and many more places. Features: Latex-free Comfortable fit and feel Great tactile sensitivity Superior Barrier protection For use in Medical, Foodservice and other applications. Sensitive and Latex-free These gloves are specially manufactured to provide a thinner, latex-free nitrile glove, resulting in amore stretchable, comfortable fit. Kirkland Signature Nitrile Powder-free Exam Gloves combine tactile sensitivity and flexibility in a glove that's easy to don and gives you user-preferred comfort for less hand fatigue in extended wear. Excellent Nitrile Protection Kirkland Signature Nitrile Powder-free Exam Gloves are made from a nitrile compound that boosts the gloves tensile strength, making it less likely to break or tear in use. Strength combined with excellent barrier properties of nitrile makes them a glove you can count on for many uses. Note: There is a size vs hand comparision at the side of the pack. Please make sure it matches your size before opening pack, as once opened cannot be returned. EAN: 096619570225/ 096619570232/096619570997 Manufactured by Kimberly-Clark
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The reference op is a Gepuderter gloves made of Hochanschmiegsamer and very flexible latex structure with optimal grip and micro Orauung The perfect fit slow Eitan Wendern im operations field for hours effortless work Lightweight Puderung provides the ultimate smooth to put on and take off Sterile For Einmalgebrauch
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Name: Purified smooth latex gloves Material Latex Size: S/M/L Packing: 100 pcs/ box Uses: product processing, beauty hair, medical, etc If you purchased this product Will be delivered in 7-21 business days If the timeout has not arrived, please contact us in time.
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Box (100). Ambidextrous examination gloves powder-Free Exam Gloves, Non-Latex, Purple. 100 percent synthetic nitrile polymer. Purple colour makes them immediately identifiable from latex and other gloves. Increased grip sensitivity, wet or dry with textured fingertips. Durable, strong with tactile feel. - Unisex
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1578614400000,29.94],[1582097861500,29.94]],"product_title":"Kimberly-Clark Safeskin Nitrile P/F Gloves (Med) 52202M -100 "}
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Micro-Touch Sterile Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves Small [50 Pairs]For procedures that demand sterility when surgical gloves are not available, Ansell has developed Micro-Touch Sterile examination gloves. Highly comfortable, they are easy to don even with damp hands and provide excellent grip for handling instruments. Powder-free and with low levels of protein and residual chemicals, they minimise the risk of Type I allergies. Ansell Micro-Touch Sterile gloves: the sensible solution for sterile examination (non-surgical) procedures.Features and Benefits:Guaranteed sterilityMicro-Touch Sterile gloves are thoroughly sterilised using gamma irradiation (minimum 25kGy). To ensure sterility is preserved, they are then packaged in pairs with a protective double wrapping, clearly indicating the glove size.Comfort and ease-of-useUsers find Micro-Touch Sterile a very comfortable glove, thanks to its unique latex formulation. Donning is easy, even with damp hands. An interior polyacrylate coating makes the glove even softer, while the textured fingers provide a safe grip.Safety and low allergenicityExtensive leaching phases and post-production washing cycles make sure Micro-Touch Sterile has a low protein content. This, along with the fact that it is powder-free, significantly reduces the risk of Type I allergies. The glove also contains a low level of residual process chemicals, minimising the risk of Type IV allergies.The glove provides a secure barrier against viruses and micro-organisms. It meets or exceeds all international and national safety standards.
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