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Release Date: 2011-01-26, Audio CD, Meditations For Life
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Summary Discover the incredible power of lucid dreaming. Control and experience your dreams consciously. What is a lucid dream? Lucid dreaming is the process of dreaming with complete consciousness of the dream. Sleep is an involuntary feature of being human. Even though our body and conscious mind take a rest, our subconscious mind - the most powerful weapon in our arsenal - never takes a break. It continues weaving possible universes and scenarios relevant to you. This is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the history of sleep, dreams, and lucid dreaming dates back into the ages of Egyptians and Greeks. Do you want to be able to use your lucid dreams, and script the dreams you want? Would you like to sleep better? Are you interested in a dictionary on what some common dreams mean? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this book is for you. In Dreams: Lucid Dreaming, you will learn the answers to all of those questions and much more. You will learn: A brief history of dreams How to understand the dream state - how and why we dream How new age lucid dreams work An understanding of lucid dreams with a lucid dream encyclopedia A deeper understanding of lucid dreams In addition, you will learn how to experience a lucid dream through: 1. Dream recall 2. Reality testing 3. Using the MILD technique 4. Napping ©2015 Sam Siv (P)2015 Sam Siv
OM the sacred sound which encompasses the Unity of all things It the word that symbolises the Eternal the Undying Self This CD a one hour journey of sound with six different musical phases smoothly flowing into each other One can meditate with it in silence or join in chanting and it can be used as an inspiring musical backdrop The music consists purely of solo voices and choirs by Lex van Someren and Sara Olivier with the basic key in F Because of dubbing the voices partly up to 250 times and because its many intruiging harmonies this has become a unique piece of art with a cosmic quality and with an extremly powerful sound vibration a true medicine for body mind and soul
Diana Cooper has become aware that magnificent unicorns are visiting Earth now, to return hope and dignity to humanity. These luminous creatures are part of the angelic hierarchy. Their horns are radiations of pure light, which can enlighten, inspire or heal. On this CD Diana explains where unicorns come from, who they are and how they can help you. In her beautiful voice, she then leads you through two meditations. The first is a journey to meet your own unicorn and learn to communicate with him. He brings you to a sacred well where he grants you any wish your heart desires. He also offers you healing and an opportunity to serve the planet. In the second meditation, your unicorn takes you back in time to a seventh dimensional crystal pyramid to meet the Master and Archangel who helped your soul make important decisions for this incarnation. They offer you guidance to help accelerate your progress and ascension. 10 tracks, total running time 49 minutes 49 seconds, 2004
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Release Date: 2013-07-26, Audio CD, Music Brokers
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