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Our Kit has been designed to be the perfect way to get everything you need in one bundle. We even included a battery clip so that you can make your Project Mobile! All you need to add is a microcontroller board such as the Arduino Uno . This kit is the same as our Arduino Starter kit but without the Arduino . Includes: 1 x Starter Guide For Arduino 20 Page Booklet 1 x USB A-B Cable 1 x Breadboard A selection of Premium male to male jumper wires. 10 x Red Led 10 x Green Led 1 x RGB led 10 x 10nF Ceramic Capacitors 10 x 100nF Ceramic Capacitors 5 x 100uF Electrolytic Capacitors 10 x 330Ω Resistors 10 x 1kΩ Resistors 10 x 10kΩ Resistors 1 x Tilt switch 1 x 10k Thermistor Datasheet 1 x Photo Resistor 1 x Diode 1 x Buzzer 5 x Push button switches 1 x Slide switch 1 x Mini Servo 1 x Potentiometer with knob 1 x Plastic Box 1 x 9V battery clip with 2.1mm plug 1 x Proto-PIC Breadboard shield for Arduino – see the 3 pack here. Being included with all packs sold since 18/12/2013 2 x 6 Pin Stackable Headers and 2 x 8 Pin Stackable Headers. For use with the breadboard shield to make you own permanent Arduino Shield. Being included with all packs sold since 18/12/2013
DELL 412-AAMF. Suitable for: Processor, Type: Heatsink, Compatible processor series: Intel® Xeon® - Components > chassis components > computer cooling components - 1255g
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412-AAMF DELL 412-AAMF, Processor, Heatsink, Intel Xeon, - PowerEdge R640 DELL 412-AAMF. Suitable for: Processor, Type: Heatsink, Compatible processor series: Intel Xeon dell 412-aamf computer cooling component processor heatsink Dell
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ACC-GBASE accessory is a grommet base that works with through holes in the desk or counter top for LCT620A and LCT620AD.
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Phobya's 2-component thermal glue: Fixates securely and works like a thermal compound! The possible applications for a thermal glue are diverse, it is mainly used to connect two components and ensure thermal transfer between them. This glue was designed not only to provide strong adhesive power. It will also retain it after sudden load by e.g. shearing force and keep the mostly attached cooler or heatsink in place. To keep the glue fresh and prevent curing, it is shipped in two components which have to be mixed for the glue to become active. The components should be mixed in a ratio of four to one: 4 parts of the black liquid and 1 part of the yellow-transparent liquid. The content of the syringes is exactly in this ratio! A large problem of most glues is that they are basically a thermal insulator. With this thermal glue this problem has been solved: A thermal conductivity of almost 1 W/mK is plenty for most applications. Besides all these technical aspects many practical factors were also considered: For the case of only part of the glue being needed, both syringes are shipped with sealing caps to prevent drying or curing of the glue. To achieve as thin of a layer as possible between heat source and cooler, plastic spatulas are included. Multiple? Of course, this way the first spatula doesn't have to be cleaned elaborately for the next use. Strong adhesive power and high thermal conductivity - that is the 2-component thermal glue from Phobya! Technical specifications: Content: 4g black liquid 1g yellow-transparent liquid Mixing ratio: 4 to 1 (black to yellow-transparent) Thermal conductivity: 0,9W/mK Electrically non-conductive Surface curing at 25°C: 2 hrs Complete curing at 25°C: 5-7 days Freezing temperature: 34°C Melting temperature: 152°C Conforms with ROHS Extent of delivery: 2-component thermal compound 2x Spatula This product has been reviewed for you: Profesionalreview (esp)
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JKL Components ZCH-1830PLUG-1 Power Supply LED Cable for LED Ribbons and Wireless Controller ZCTR-08, 1.867m Connector Genders: Male. Connector B Type: Wire Lead. Number of Conductors: 2. Conductor Size: 18AWG. Connector A Angle: Straight. Cable Type: Round. Sheath Colour: Black. - adult
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