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Seals up to 2 x 150mu (600g) Usage guide- 100-plus seals per shift
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400 mm Economy Impulse Heat Sealer.• For perfect sealing of PE / PP / PVC films.• 750 Watt power and adjustable timer for films up to 2 x 800 gauge layers.• Spares included.• This version complete with cutter.
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Block Paving Sealer is suitable for all block pavers which have had the joints filled with jointing compounds, kiln-dried sand or traditional sand and cement pointing. Block Paving Sealer contains a mixture of ingredients which penetrates the pavers to seal and deepen colour. This block paving sealer improves the earthy tones of clay-based block pavers. A little like dampening the surface with water but without a glossy unnatural finish. The sealer can easily be applied with a masonry style textured roller or solvent resistant sprayer. If the joints between your pavers have been filled with kiln-dried sand apply the sealer generously to soak deep down into the joint. You will need less product when a non porous ‘brush in’ style compound or traditional sand & cement mix has been used. Block Paving Sealer is to be applied in 2 thin coats with around 4 hours drying time between coats. Each coat will be touch dry in an hour or less with an overall cure time of approximately 24 hours. This sealer inhibits organic growth and repels water and oil based staining. Floorseal Block Paving Sealer deepens the colour of the pavers enhancing the pleasant earthy tones associated with clay based block pavers. We always recommend cleaning your pavers before any sealing work is carried out. You may wish to use an intensive cleaning product before sealing. Floorseal Block Paving Cleaner will remove black spot lichen and any other organic contaminants. Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner is a modern non acidic cleaner for the removal of dirt, grime and grout/cement staining. It will also remove light contaminations of ‘brush in’ style compounds. For the removal of black spot lichens only use Patio Black Spot Remover Plus. Please see further instructions on ‘Directions of Use’ tab and FAQs. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 686270 . You can email us at . Available in a 5 litre and an economic 20 litre deal with free delivery to UK mainland. There are some shipping charges to Northern Ireland and the Highlands and Islands. Orders made before 12.30pm are despatched that day – deliveries will made within 24-48 hours of despatch (on working days only).
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AdSeal Gloss Finish is designed to give both flexibility of finish and outstanding results on unglazed natural materials such as Marble, Stone, Slate, Travetine, Terracotta, and also on Engineered stone. This is a special ‘high-build’ product – you choose whether you want a gloss finish, or a ‘wet look’ high gloss.
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Gi.Gi. Sealer is a penetrative polyurethane sealer for concrete surfaces, including countertops, worktops, microtop concrete and concrete floors and walls. It comes in a matte finish, is colourless and is UV stable. It is extremely durable and long lasting. It has no VOC content and has very low odour. It can even be used in areas handling forklift traffic. Gi.Gi. Sealer is anti-graffiti and is highly resistant to aggressive contaminants. Gi.Gi is food safe. Gi.Gi. Sealer is two-component and easy to apply.  We recommend using a high density foam roller to apply which we can also supply. We recommend sealing new concrete and Gi.Gi sealer is also suitable for maintaining and re sealing existing concrete products.  For re sealing we recommend acid washing the concrete with our Etch n Clean product to prepare the surface prior to using GiGi. The product comes in two sizes. For Concrete worktops and furniture the large pack will cover up to 40sqm and the small pack will cover up to 20sqm. For micro cement the large pack will cover up to 80sqm and the small pack will cover up to 40sqm. We supply our own dosing / measuring kit for the sealer which contains syringes and silicone tubing.  We find this really helps when measuring out the correct amounts. Tip - don't let the sealer dry out, keep it wet until no more is being absorbed. Application Instructions PDF Download MSDS Part A - Download MSDS Part B - Download
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The Sirman bag sealer is fast and easy to use. The bag sealer is an excellent tool to have in the food management envirnonment and can seal a wide variety of plastic bags for food and other products (PPE, PP, LDPE, PVC) upto a maximum thickness of 2mm. There are two sizes of bag sealer available the S300 and the S400. The S300 bag sealer can seal upto 300mm in length with a single seal thickness of 0.5mm. The S400 bag sealer can seal upto 400mm in length, again with a single seal of 0.5mm. The bag sealer is fitted with a timer control knob on the front of the machine, which changes the seal time to accomodate the use of different thickness bags. Bag Sealer External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagrams Bag Sealer Power 510W (S300) 700W (S400) Bag Sealer Seal Time 0.5 - 2.5 seconds Bag Sealer Seal Length 300mm (S300) 400mm (S400) Bag Sealer Seal Thickness 0.5m Bag Sealer Weight 3.5kg (S300) 4kg (S400)
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