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Super-fine, white cementitious mortar  for grouting tile joints of up to 4 mm To be used with any of our mosaic tiles that contain STEEL Keracolor SF is a class CG2WA improved (2) cementitious (C) mortar for tile joints (G), with reduced water absorption (W) and high abrasion resistance (A). Keracolor SF is used for internal and external grouting of floors and finishes in all types of ceramic (single-fired, double-fired, klinker, porcelain, etc.), stone material (natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), and glass and marble mosaic. Some application examples: •  Grouting narrow tile joints in all types of tiles on floors and on walls in buildings for domestic use. •  Grouting tile joints in glass mosaic and pre-finished marble & Steel. •  Grouting joints in finishes with a particularly smooth and shiny surface (polished porcelain, polished marble, etc.). Available in 3 colours. More colours available on request.
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High-performance, antiefflorescence, quick-setting  and drying polymer-modified mortar with water-repellent  DropEffect® and mouldresistant BioBlock® technology for grouting joints from 2 to 20 mm wide CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO EN 13888 Ultracolor Plus is a cementitious mortar (C) for grouting (G) improved (2), with reduced water absorption (W) and high resistance to abrasion (A), class CG2WA. Internal and external grouting of floors and walls in all types of ceramic (double-fired, single-fired, klinker, porcelain, etc.), terracotta, stone material (natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), and glass and marble mosaic. Ultracolor Plus may be stored for  12 months (for 23 kg bags) and 24 months (for 2 and 5 kg bags) in its original packaging in a dry place. However, after a certain amount of time, the setting time may extend but without modifying the final characteristics of the product. The product complies with the conditions of Annex XVII to Regulation (EC)  N° 1907/2006 (REACH) - All. XVII, item 47. Ultracolor Plus is available in 34 colours of the MAPEI range (please refer to the colour samples). Ultracolor Plus is available in 5KG Alu plastic bags.
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Everbuild Powdered Wall Tile Grout is a cement based grouting compound with added PVA to promote adhesion. Simply mix with water to give a pure white paste. Can be used on wall joints up to 3mm. Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas. May be used internally and externally. BENEFITS- Excellent water resistance- Dries brilliant white- Compressible- Resists mould growth- Fine fillers present will not scratch glazed tiles- Interior/Exterior use- Extended open time - large quantities may be mixed for covering large areas. AREAS FOR USE- Grouting wall tiles on most surfaces up to 3 mm joint width- Recommended for grouting in domestic, communal and power shower areas- Suitable for constant immersion; eg in swimming pool walls- Suitable for use with ceramic, quarry and natural stone tiles and mosaics- Coloured grouts may be made by adding up to 5% by weight of Everbuild Powder Mortar Tone- May be used on floors when mixed with Everbuild SBR (1:1 dilution with water)
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BOND IT Floor Tile Grout Floor Tile Grout is formulated to provide a flowable, readily compactable grouting slurry, which can be easily applied across all types of ceramic tiled surfaces. Floor Tile Grout will dry to a hard, durable, water resistant finish, suitable for interior and exterior applications, including swimming pools. Product Details Colour: Grey Size: 3Kg / 10Kg Coverage: Approximately 1Kg will grout 2m2 of 300 x 300mm tiles with a 5mm joint depth Setting Time: 12- 24 hours (dependent on conditions) Working Time: 1 Hour Joint Width: 3-12mm Conforms to EN13888 Type CG1 It does what it is supposed to very well.
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Add a dark, contemporary grout line to your tiles with this Dark Grey Antracite Anti-Mould Grout 10kg. It prevents unsightly mould from growing in the tile joints, and is suitable for use with underfloor heating. It's suitable for both interior and exterior settings, and covers joints up to 15mm. This grout is also water resistant, and can be used in swimming pools. Part of our selection of Anti Mould Grouts. Typical coverage = 3 Sqm per 1 Kg of grout. Need a wall tile adhesive? Try our versatile Kwik Grip Ice White Wall Tile Adhesive. For any other tiling aids or tools, visit the Walls and Floors Toolshed of tiling accessories.
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Fast setting white powdered wall grout is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms providing a waterproof and mould resistant grout with a professional finish. Available in a 2kg or 3.5kg bag.
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