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FOOTBALLS Bedroom Wall Sticker Pack A great alternative to wallpaper, just purchase enough packs to cover your bedroom wall/walls MIXED COLOURS (also available in single colour packs) Choose from 3 different size packs: SMALL Pack of 10 self adhesive footballs: 2 footballs at 10cm (approx. 4") 8 footballs at 5cm (approx. 2") MEDIUM Pack of 30 self adhesive footballs: 6 footballs at 10cm (approx. 4") 24 footballs at 5cm (approx. 2") LARGE Pack of 24 self adhesive footballs: 4 footballs at 20cm (approx. 8") 4 footballs at 10cm (approx. 4") 16 footballs at 5cm (approx. 2") Just peel and stick to create your own fantastic bedroom design Produced using child-safe inks (non-solvent) Find matching wall borders HERE
Size:  Medium
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Nutmeg's beautifully designed wall stickers and wall quotes are a stylish modern way to decorate a room or carry out a room makeover, without the mess. They're easy to apply and remove, just follow the simple instructions included with your purchase. Our wall stickers can be applied to any clean, smooth surface - walls, doors, mirrors, furniture the list is endless!! Available in a range of colours to complement any room in your house or office. Precision cut and made from high quality matt vinyl. Size 35.5 x 59cm
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An animal wall decal sticker of a horses head, designed in an artistic and modern style. A fantastic wall decal which can be applied to your walls, or any smooth flat surface you can think of! Available in 14 beautiful colour options. Available in 3 size options - ★ Small (30cm Width x 38cm Height) ★ Medium (40cm Width x 51cm Height) ★ Large (50cm Width x 63cm Height) ★ Available in 14 beautiful colour choices ★ Made from the highest quality premium matt vinyl/metallic vinyl ★ Cut from top of the range, pinpoint precision vinyl plotting machine ★ Handmade in Great Britain to order ★ Interior life guaranteed 5-7 years, exterior 3-5 years ★ You will receive your order in a hardened and sealed postal tube, to ensure protection of your wall decal, including simple to follow application instructions. ---------------------------------------------------- WHAT ARE WALL STICKERS? ---------------------------------------------------- Wall stickers are an amazing modern way to transform any room. A wall sticker is a thin self adhesive vinyl layer, available in many colour options, plotted and cut by special cutting machinery into numerous different designs. Wall art stickers when applied to your wall or any smooth flat surface, look like they are part of your existing wallpaper or wall. This allows them to look incredible as they simply blend in to your existing wall or the surface you apply them to! Wall art stickers can also be applied to glass, tiles, plastic, wood, wardrobes, vehicles and anything else smooth and flat you can think of. All our wall stickers are made to order right here in the UK. Here at Quote My Wall, we produce all our wall stickers from the highest quality branded vinyl. ---------------------------------------------------- HOW TO APPLY YOUR WALL STICKER ---------------------------------------------------- Wall stickers/decals come with an application sheet (see through material), and a backing paper (white paper). The application sheet is a low tack paper that sticks to the face of the wall sticker. This sheet allows you to apply the wall sticker on to the wall in one piece. * Before starting, it is important to ensure the wall sticker is applied to a smooth flat surface. Our wall stickers stick to most surfaces, however we recommend a smooth and flat surface for best results. Make sure the surface is clean from any dirt, dust or moisture. Wipe the surface down with a damp or dry cloth, ad ensure surface is dry. Failing to do so may limit the stickiness of the sticker * STEP 1 - Lay out the sticker on a flat surface and swipe over the wall sticker with a credit card, squeegee or anything flat you can get your hands on. This will ensure the wall sticker sticks to the application sheet. STEP 2 - Carefully begin to remove the vinyl backing paper (white back paper). The front of the decal should now be stuck to the application sheet (see through material). If required, repeat step 1 if certain parts of the sticker are not being removed from the white backing paper. Some letters/items don't always peel off. If all fails these items can be applied seperately at the end, by simply peeling them off the application sheet yourself, and applying to the surface. STEP 3 - Position your wall sticker onto the wall or surface you've chosen, once you're all happy with it and the positioning, rub over the wall sticker again using your credit card or similar object. Be sure to apply alot of pressure to ensure the wall sticker completely applied to the wall/surface. STEP 4 - Finally, very slowly peel away the application sheet (clear material). Your wall sticker should now be transferred onto the wall/surface. If not, repeat step 3 and ensure you press and apply pressure to all areas of the wall sticker onto the surface. That's it :) Your wall sticker should now be applied, and should look absolutely fabulous! ------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU FOR YOUR CUSTOM :) ------------------------------------------------- Image used is for display purposes only. That's it :) Your wall stickers should now be applied, and should look absolutely fabulous! SKU - QMW3555
Size:  Medium (40cm x 51cm)
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Details Colours Delivery Information Professionally cut out of vinyl with no white borders or reflective overlay Premium matt finish giving the appearance it was painted onto your wall Sticks to all smooth surfaces, walls, tiles, glass etc... Simple to apply & easily removable without any damage to the surface Lasts up to 25 years when applied indoors All wall stickers are made to order & are hand finished Location Delivery UK 2-5 Working Days Europe 5-7 Working Days Worldwide 5-10 Working Days
Size:  Large (Height 28cm x Width 100cm)
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Easy to apply, these dots wall stickers in a gold colour do not bubble and are re-usable. The finish will be that of the surface you apply this to - i.e if you apply to a textured surface, the finish will be textured and if you apply to a smooth surface, it will be smooth. Please note that these are not suited to fragile surfaces such as wallpaper etc. as we cannot guarantee safe removal. Each set comes complete with 40 coloured stickers Also available in different colours in separate listing. Material : Adhesive vinyl Size : Each dot is approximately 2.5 cm in diameter
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The Moosters wall stickers are precision cut in the UK from the highest quality vinyl. They are matt with no shiny clear edges so look like they have been painted on. Each sticker can be quickly and easily applied to walls, doors, windows or any other smooth flat surface, with full application guidelines included. You can remove and reposition them, they wont leave a sticky residue, but they are complicated designs and you'll have to be careful. They work best on flat, smooth surfaces and won't work on uneven, textured or crumbly painted surfaces. Free UK delivery for orders over £30 and £2.75 for orders under £30.  See delivery for more information and international rates. Please feel free to call us on 01395 488069 or email us if you have any questions
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