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Director Fritz Lang's political thriller follows a British hunter's attempts to outrun Nazi agents after he targets Adolf Hitler. While on holiday in Bavaria, willdlife hunter Alan Thorndike (Walter Pidgeon) stumbles upon the Fuhrer's country retreat, eventually spotting Hitler in the gardens. After lining up the leader in the crosshairs of his empty rifle, Thorndike is arrested by members of Hitler's Gestapo bodyguard, who try to beat a confession out of him. After eventually escaping and navigating a tortuous route back to Britain, Thorndike is forced to seek help from local seamstress Jerry Stokes (Joan Bennett) when he discovers German agents are hunting him down.
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Winner of the Palme d’Or, this Japanese film has been described as a ‘modern day Oliver Twist’. A family of petty criminals takes in a girl they find left home alone. Darker elements start to brew, threatening the family. Release Date 25th March 2019
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Children Who Chase Lost Voices... When she hears a strange song from a crystal radio, Asuna tunes into more than just a magical stream of music. Soon, she is transported to a mysterious world where mythical beasts roam and brave warriors fight for their lives. Agartha is a land of breathtaking beauty and unimaginable danger - a place...
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Kinmoza! Complete Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD Combo (Blu-ray).
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Sousuke’s locked, loaded, and ready to attack – which would be awesome if he was going into battle. But he’s just going to high school, and all the qualities that make him a good soldier make him an amazingly awkward classmate. Poor Kaname knows that better than anyone, since Sousuke’s her undercover bodyguard. The guy’s supposed to protect Tessa too. But how “top secret” can he really be when he’s sneaking around in a teddy bear suit, blowing up lockers, striking out with every girl in sight, and taking a mech to the hot springs? Sure, Sousuke’s methods are a little intense, but high school’s tough. Collateral damage is to be expected, right? Episodes: 1-12 (complete) Aspect Ratio: 16x9 (Pillar boxed*) Main Feature video: 1080p (Upconverted) Language: English, Japanese, English subtitles Extras: Original Japanese TV Spots, Textless Songs Product Details Release Date: 05/06/2017 BBFC: 12 Format: Blu-ray Episodes: 1-12 [end] Audio: English, Japanese Subtitles: English Region: B SRP : £34.99 *Pillar Boxed video: When this series was made it before 16x9 became standard for anime. As such is was animated for viewing on older 4:3 ratio televisions. To retain its originally intended video size, black bars will appear at the sides of televisions. Not ordered from us before? Read our F.A.Q. HERE All orders (including pre-orders) at require immediate payment. Please see F.A.Q. for more details.
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She's sweet sixteen and her mama wants to send her away. The deaf-mute daughter retaliates by calling up the spirit of her murdered father. In one terrifying night of horror, he exacts his revenge.
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