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Soft case has a male D-ring which allows for easy attaching / detaching for wearability. Includes a Velcro female piece to connect to the user’s belt and one female mounting piece for the vehicle dash so you can easily attach and rotate the printer to the hip or the dashboard. - Tablets/Mobile > Handheld Mobile Computers > Handheld Device Accessories - 124g
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IWIND - あなたのVHFアンテナ用の新しい風力インジケータ 仕様: 類型学:マウント マウント:onox whipsアンテナ直径3mm 重量:0,22
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Earphones and lead suitable for iPhone 4. Plugs directly in to the iPhone 4.
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Connects2 CTSFA015.2 - Fiat Ducato Steering Wheel Control Interface Allows you to upgrade to an aftermarket head unit whilst maintaining use of your factory steering wheel controls Safety: Allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. Steering Wheel Control interfaces allow installation of a new aftermarket car stereo head unit into a vehicle whilst maintaining use of the existing steering wheel volume, track up and down and mobile phone answering controls if factory fitted. This steering wheel interface connects to a compatible car stereo which MUST have either a 3.5mm jack input connection or a 3 wire input on the back of the stereos wiring harness labelled for steering wheel controls. It is designed to work with branded and non branded stereos that have this option. Mobile Phone Buttons Support feature allows you to use phone buttons on the steering wheel if already factory fitted with any compatible an aftermarket bluetooth head unit you install. Compatible with the following vehicles: Fiat Ducato 2015 OEM Specific
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Accessory Wide plate 2.5 x 5' - Converts Standard Top plate to Wide. Works with any TechMount kit except Double Top Plate KitsTop: wide 2.5' x 5'Mount Style: Accessory Wide plate 2.5' x 5'Colour: Black Kit Includes: VelcroSuggested Uses: GPS, Radar Detectors, Toll Transponder, Cell Phones, Radios, Cameras, Change Holders, Garage Door openers, PDA's
The Remote Loop keeps your Siri Remote safely tethered to your wrist so you won’t have to worry about accidental slips or drops. The Remote Loop clicks into the Lightning connector on the remote for secure attachment and easy removal. And you can adjust the size for a snug and secure fit. The Remote Loop is compatible only with the Siri Remote for Apple TV (4th generation). - Audio and Home Theatre > remote controls > remote control accessories - 200g
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