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Alpine KCE-900E Multi purpose interface for DVD CAR NAVI NVE-N077P/PS/-N099P to extract RCA AV signals from the RGB output and convert them into NTSC format.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566069018996,70],[1581966618996,70]],"product_title":"Alpine KCE-900E - RGB to NTSC Composite and Mono Audio"}
Format PAL/NTSC Gridlines No Resolution 960P Waterproof Rating IP68 Viewing Angle 110° Mirror Image No Night Vision Yes Fitment Location Internal Roof Mount Audio Yes Dimensions 59mm x 69mm
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T1 Audio - Fiat Ducato 2006 Onwards Passenger Seat Custom Fit 8" Car Sub Subwoofer Bass Box The correct enclosure for your woofers is crucial for good bass in your car, that’s why we have an extensive line of woofer enclosures to fit virtually any vehicle and woofer arrangement We have the right combination of quality style and performance. These boxes use superior MDF (medium density fibreboard) for rock-hard vibration-free sound; are fully sealed for airtight bass; and include gold-plated terminal connectors. Bass Box Specification Subwoofer Size: 8" (200mm) 20cm Max Subwoofer Depth: 120mm Weight: 2.96 Kg Carpet: Black Location: Passenger Seat Please Note Carpet colour may vary from listing depending on availability at time of purchase and all boxes sizes are approximate
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1578614400000,69.99],[1581966619002,69.99]],"product_title":"T1 Audio - Fiat Ducato 2006 Onwards Passenger Seat Custom Fit 8\" Car Sub Subwoofer Bass Box"}
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Untitled Document Kenwood KDC-BT34U Kenwood’s KDC-BT34U is the first in our range of Bluetooth hands-free solutions. Your phonebook list is displayed for selection and previous call logs can also be used. In coming caller number or name is also displayed before you allow connection. A second phone can also be connected for call/send/receive only. Kenwood’s KDC-BT34U includes a front mounted full speed USB input opening your in-car entertainment world to mass-storage devices. A high power 4x50watt built-in power amplifier will fill your car with high quality sound from any source. Click here for Image of Kenwood Car Audio KDC-BT34U
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566069019004,69.99],[1581966619004,69.99]],"product_title":"Kenwood Car Audio KDC-BT34U Bluetooth car stereo with MP3 CD and front USB/AUX input"}
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Connects2 SWC Steering Wheel Control Interface Adaptor plug and play installation. Connecting to the original radio connector and plugging in to the back of the new head unit is simple to fit. A stalk/steering wheel control adaptor enables you to utilise the original factory remote audio (whether built onto steering wheel or fitted on a stalk next to the steering wheel) with an aftermarket unit. Included Free CTMULTILEAD.2 Stereo Patch Lead Features Highlight: Plug and Play Works with CAN-Bus Park Brake Reverse Gear Ignition Illumination Speed Pulse Vehicle Setting Compatibility: Car Make / Model Year Radio Citroen C2 2005 - 2009 (J), Blaupunkt/Siemens VDO RD4, Quadlock (Fakra) Citroen C3 2005 - 2016 Pluriel (H), Blaupunkt/Siemens VDO RD4, Quadlock (Fakra) Citroen C4 2004 - 2010 (L), Blaupunkt/Siemens VDO RD4, Quadlock (Fakra) Citroen C5 2005 Onwards (1DC/DE), Blaupunkt/Siemens VDO RD4, Quadlock (Fakra) Citroen C8 2005 - 2014 Blaupunkt/Siemens VDO RD4, Quadlock (Fakra) Citroen DS3 2009 Onwards (S), Blaupunkt/Siemens VDO RD4, Quadlock (Fakra) CAN-BUS: Yes Note: Retains steering wheel control functions and OEM parking sensor audio. PATCH LEAD This interface connects a compatible car stereo with a joystick input (blue line-in mini-jack) or wire input on the back of the unit to the existing stalk/steering wheel controls of the vehicle. Universal head unit connection lead for: Alpine (3.5mm jack) Beat (single wire connection) Chinese / Xtrons / 3 wire unbranded units (3 wire connection) Clarion (3.5mm jack) JVC (3.5mm or single wire) Kenwood (single wire) LG (3.5mm jack) Nakamichi (single wire connection) Panasonic (single wire but NOT AV units) Philips (single wire connection) Pioneer (3.5mm jack) Sony (3.5mm jack) Zenec (single wire) Other Chinese SWC learning head units Notes: You can simply cut the loops / wires to select which brand you are fitting. Supplied with instruction sheet Please note: This patch lead CANNOT be used for Blaupunkt / Parrot / Becker / JVC KW-AVX head units / Older Kenwood units with the DIN plug. For those models you need to purchase the lead from the add-on options. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that is the correct Stalk Adaptor for your car by firstly checking to see if your make, model and year of car is listed above. Secondly by checking to see if the connection in the picture listed is the same as you have in your vehicle. If the connection in the car is different from what you see in the picture then this adaptor is NOT suitable. We try to provide upto date information. If you are unsure about the model number please feel free to contact our customer service on 020 8875 2525 and we will be happy to help you selecting correct stalk adaptor for your car.
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PY GPS7013 is a premium quality satellite navigation unit that hangs over a resistive TFT LCD touchscreen (7 inches) with resolution of 800x480 PX and aspect ratio 16: 9 has Operating System Windows Ce 6.0, RAM 256 MB DDR, flash memory 8GB A detailed map of Poland's and the Kate material all Europe countries Bluetooth, FM transmitter, Micro SD Card Slot, USB 2.0 PC connection View image, audio and video playback, can be used e-book reader
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