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Magnetic Base and Water Resistant These active antennas are high performance GPS patch antenna feature a high-tech low noise amplifier. It provides excellent signal amplification and out-band-rejection for the receiver. All this is packaged into a low-profile, extremely compact and fully waterproof package. If your gps device signal is weaker in built up urban area, during bad weather or even in vehicles with any kind of coated windscreen (athermancy or metal sintered), this item will solve the gps reception problem. You will never suffer from loss of signal again with this antenna whatever your device is. We have both 180 degree (straight) and 90 degree (right angle) connector, please choose from the options below. Compatibility list: MMCX connector Acer N35 Navigations PDA ( 180 degree connector only) AIRIS PDA509 ALDI Medion MD95000, MD95900 = MDPPC 150 (weitere siehe Medion) AKTRONIX BT ADAC Blue Media Pocket PC 255 Navigon Blue Media Pocket PC 255 Blue Media Navigation System 6300/ Penny Navigation PNA BM 6300 BT Empfänger BT-R500, BT Empfänger BR-R700, CF Empfänger ST-K500, ST-BTS 110, STBT110, ST-CF110 Delorme Blue Logger GPS eBonTek eGPS 248 Bluetooth Gatox BT-3000 Globalsat BC-307, BT-318, SDIO GPS BT 338 GO Pass Bluetooth Haicom CF, HI-302CF, HI-303CF/MMF, Multi Mode Foldable HOLUX GR 236 BLUETOOTH Slim, BT 321 /271 Kirrio BT 306, BT 308 Lidl MYGUIDE Navigator 6500 XL/ MYGUIDE Navigator 6500 XL TMC Edition Leadtek LR 9537, 9534 (for new version, the older version has a MC Plug socket) MDPNA 150 (MM95242, Micromaxx, Lidl, Plus, Cybercom), MD PNA 200 (= DigiWalker 136), PDA Medion 40600, MD 95900, Mio 136 (MDPNA 150 - Abarten:95023, 95058, 95069, 95084, 95085, 95119, 95145, 95157, 95161, 95164, 95165) Medion MD 95000, MD PNA 200 (= DigiWalker 136), MD95084, MD 95023, MD95900, MD 95085, Plus MD PPC 150 (Micromaxx), Medion MD95308, diverse, MDPNA: 150/ 175/ 200/ 200S/ 220/ 220T/ 240/ 240T/ 250/ 250T, MD 95119 Mitac Mio 168, Mio 268, Mio 136 Navman iCN 510, ICN 520, ICN 530, ICN 570, Navman PiN Pocket PC, Navman PiN 300 Pocket PC, ICN 320, ICN 330 NAVIGON Bluetooth KIT m. MMCX , Navigon PNA Navilock Compact Flash (BC-307), Bluetooth GPS (BT-308) NEMERIX GPS GPS-BT77 Orion NV-355 PRETEC Compact GPS-LP Penny Navigation PNA BM 6300 Plus MDPPC150 Micromaxx, RN - GPS Empfänger 600 Transonic 4000 PNA, Transonic PNA3002 TFAC BT-30 Bluetooth GPS TYPHOON My Guide 3500/ TYPHOON My Guide 3500 XL Transonic 4000 PNA Xaiox BT15xxx, XAIOX Wonde X, XAiOX NavOne 2.0 Yakumo DeltaX, Delta300GPS, Alpha-GPS My Guide Navigator 6500 XL (LIDL) Mio 168. 268. 269/ 269+ GPS Navigation Pack Specification • Frequency : 1575MHz ± 10 MHz • Input Voltage: 2 ~ 5 VDC • Input Current: 6mA, @ 3V input • Antenna Type: PATCH • VSWR: 2:1 • Polarization: Circular (RH) • Impedance: 50 ohms • Azimuth Coverage: 360 degrees. • Elevation Coverage: 5~90 degrees. • Coaxial cable : RG-174, 3M or 5M • Dimension: 43.5 ×34.8 ×13.9 mm • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +80 °C • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +90 °C • Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 100% • Mount: Magnetic
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Buy Aerials & Antennas at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Aerials & Antennas
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Please note: For next business day delivery, this item must be ordered before 2:00pmVigor routers equipped with Wireless LAN facilities are supplied with the standard 2 or 3dB gain aerials. A higher gain aerial provides a signal gain which can in many circumstances improve your wireless coverage/range as well as your connection speed at longer ranges, particularly where your required coverage area is currently borderline and needs a 'little extra help'.
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Mini GPS Patch Antenna - RF Solutions ANT-GPS-P20-SMA A compact GPS Antenna for embedded positioning applications where high performance is required. RF Solutions ANT-GPS-P20-SMA Mini Gps Patch Antenna
Indoor Omni Antenna / 8dB, Reserve SMA Connector / 2.4Ghz
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Monit magnetic mount antenna, a high-sensitivity GPS antenna with a strong magnet built into the base. The magnet can be used to clamp the antenna onto the steel roof of a vehicle simplifying installation and removal. For gravel events or high performance vehicles the addition of adhesive tape is recommended to prevent excessive movement. Cable length: 5m, weight: 90g.Suitable for non-permanent mounting to the vehicleIdeal for pacenotes or for use when creating route plansStrong magnetic mount for attaching to the vehicle
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