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The Sennheiser SH330 Noise cancelling headset blocks out ambient noise to make it easier for the listener to understand the headset user. An omni-directional Microphone is fitted to the end of a compact and multi-adjustable microphone boom that can pivot up to 300° around it's axis. Teflon washers in the boom arm ensure an accurate and stable position of the microphone while maximising the durability of the components due to low friction levels between them. The Sennheiser SH 330 is fitted with ActiveGard to filter out any excessive incoming signals before they reach the user's ears. This patented technology works by automatically controlling the volume in the headset and instantly lowering the volume is the incoming signal is too loud. The Sennheiser SH330 is supplied with a multi-adjustable headband. The SH 330 is a lightweight, all purpose monaural headset ideal for longer conversations. It is the stylish and highquality solution for users who value great comfort and top speech quality in any professional situation. ActiveGardTM safeguards the user from the effects of an acoustic burst Self-adjusting ball-mounted speaker capsule allows perfect fitting to the head 300° adjustable microphone boom allows the mic to be positioned exactly for optimal speech clarity. Teflon®* washer support increases positioning accuracy, stability and ensure optimal durability. Special acoustic foam ear pad optimizes sound penetration around the center of the cushion and into the ear canal while minimizing leakage. The sound remains superb whether using the leatherette or foam ear pad Note that connection cords are sold separately. Please contact us if you require assistance choosing the correct lead for your phone, or use our compatibility guides. You can check out the main features of the this product by using our useful product comparison chart and comparing to other models in the range.
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The Project Headset Holder is designed to prevent your desk from clutter. The Holder sticks to a smooth wall or to a PC monitor, or surfaces with an edge. Features Headset Holder Suitable for Headsets or any other lightweight cables or adapters Prevents the Headset from scratching Keeps your desk clutter free Sticks to a smooth wall or a PC Monitor Small and Lightweight
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Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, the JPL-HAC-1 is a very affordable binaural headset that is ideal for use in contact centre environments. With leatherette ear cushions and an adjustable headband for added comfort, this headset also boasts brilliant sound quality with both Surround Shield noise cancelling technology and wideband speakers with acoustic shock protection and is also compatible with most hearing aids.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1572566400000,119.3],[1577923200000,133.34],[1582590174330,133.34]],"product_title":"JPL HAC-2 Wired Headset JPL-HAC-2"}
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The Avalle Defero 2 USB headset is a lightweight Monaural design. With enlarged ear cushions it provides all day wearing comfort while the Sure-Fit headband adjusts to a perfect fit. The integrated Noise Cancelling microphone filters out unwanted background noise ensuring you are heard clearly in any working environment. The Avalle Defero 2 USB Headset is compatible PC and Mac communication software such as Microsoft Lync/Skype. Comfort and reliability of a premium brand headset at a fraction of the cost. Key Features Industry leading 3 years warranty Light weight and stylish design Fully noise cancelling microphone Large ear cushions | Ratcheted boom microphone | Sure-Fit Headband Superior microphone and earpiece technology Spares package available - ideal for long team use USB Connection, compatible with PC / Mac
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Lightweight and intuitive, the Plantronics Audio 628 is perfect for use during online chat. This USB headset features a noise cancelling microphone and HD sound output, ensuring that call quality is maximised. Inline controls allow for easy call management and the comfortable design allows for both convenience and comfort. Comfortable and lightweight design allows for extended use Noise cancelling microphone and digital signal processing ensures exceptional call quality Inline control unit for easily accessible control of your calls
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,25.07],[1580774400000,25.16],[1582590174338,25.16]],"product_title":"Plantronics Audio 628 EMA Headset 45452"}
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Enjoy mobile calls without holding your phone or untangling earbuds. Discover how easy hands-free calls can be with the reliable sound stable comfort and dependable quality of the Plantronics ML15 Bluetooth headset.
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