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Take a trip to the halcyon days of vintage sweet shops with our Rhubard & Custard hot chocolate, reminiscent of the childhood confectionery favourite. We've layered sherbet-sweet flavours of rhubarb and creamy custard on a white chocolate base for a lip-lickingly luscious pink (yes, pink!) treat. Weight: 350g
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This brand new Christmas Roast Dinner Trio Pack contains three rubs to make your Christmas dinner that extra bit amazing! The trio pack contains our Brussel Sprout Dust, Roast Turkey Rub and the Pigs In Blankets Dust.
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Presents over 350 recipes for various dishes, from simple snacks to dinner-party desserts that can be prepared in 30 minutes or under.
These pens provide an easy way to add detail to sugar work with a 2.5mm standard and 0.5mm fine detail nib providing free flowing ink for easy application. Each pack contains Black, Leaf Green, Red, Royal Blue & Yellow.
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Rainforest Foods-Spirulina Tablets (300 x 500mg) A microscopic plant that grows in fresh water, spirulina contains more essential nutrients than almost any food available. It is an excellent source of protein, which is easily absorbed by the body and contains high concentrations of all eight essential amino acids. Spirulina contains significantly more Vitamin A than carrots, up to 50 times more iron than spinach and over 25 times the calcium of milk. It is a powerful source of antioxidants, including zeaxanthin, lutein and astaxanthin and has been proven to help the body fight a range of diseases. PRODUCTIONRainforest Foods spirulina is grown organically on an island in the South China Sea. It is freeze-dried - frozen, then warmed to vaporise the frozen water content, then milled to powder. A high percentage of the original nutritional elements remains, in portable, convenient and environmentally responsible form. The powder is compressed into tablet form and packaged in a sterile pharmaceutical process. ORGANIC CERTIFICATIONRainforest Foods Spirulina tablets have been certified organic by the Soil Association (GB-ORG-05).
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Extra nutrition for your rice dishes. Make a serving of rice even better for you than usual with Tanesho's Super Food 9 mixed grain rice seasoning. As its name suggests, this mix contains 9 different types of nutritionally-dense grain, including chia seeds, hemp seeds, quinoa, soy beans, and more. And since this rice mix can be easily combined and cooked with regular white rice, it could not be easier to get extra nutrition into your dinner.
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