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CURAPROX ORTHO KIT All in one solution for orthodontic care, ideal for home use and whenever you’re away from home whether it be at the office, school or longer trip away. Being fitted with an orthodontic means your perfect smile is not that far off but it is vital that you look after them. This kit offers all the tools you need to help keep your orthodontics in tip top condition and with step by step instructions on how to use them too. Kit includes: CS 5460 ortho toothbrush CS 1006 single toothbrush DF 845 implant & brace floss UHS 451 interdental brush holder and 3 interdental brushes: CPS 06, CPS 14 and CPS 28 1 strip ortho wax UHS Pocket box Be the first to Write a Review for this item!
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Professional dental care. Made by a German manufacturer of dental care instruments, for professional use. If properly handled these sterilisable instruments can also be used at home, for instance for especially narrow tooth gaps or cleaning the backs of teeth
Georganics natural zero waste dental floss is made with candelilla wax and cardamon essential oil. This 30 metres floss clew is packed in a zero-waste and plastic free glass container; the metal dispensing lid easily allows you to cut the floss. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS PTA cruelty-free and plastic-free packaging Materials: Silk floss, Cardamon Essential oil, Candelilla Wax Refills can be purchased without dispenser Plastic-free glass packaging HOW DOES THIS REDUCE MY WASTE? It is estimated that the amount of dental floss sold in the US each year could span the distance from the earth to the moon and back four times! Although nylon is cheap it is environmentally harmful being a petroleum based product that is not biodegradable.
Practical cleaning box makes cleaning dental appliances easier with its insert drainer. Suitable for the intensive soaking of partial and full dentures as well as orthodontic devices.
EcoLiving plant-based dental floss started life as corn. Made with 100% renewable resources (instead of crude oil), making use of a previously wasted by-product from the food industry. Our EcoFloss uses 80% fewer greenhouse gases and is 100% vegan. And as an added bonus, there is a possibility to compost this floss in certain areas in your food caddy for industrial composting or at home - only if you have a HotBin. At a close-up, EcoFloss is: 100% Plant-Based 100% Vegan 100% Renewable Resources 80% fewer greenhouse gases than regular floss Biodegradable without pollution in certain conditions No GMOs No Palm Oil Made with plant-based packaging Generous 50m bobbins Superior to the other brands Many companies sell bamboo charcoal floss and make claims of it being biodegradable, when in fact, it’s just nylon with some bamboo charcoal powder for colouring. Some other companies sell corn floss in a glass jar which is sourced from China with questionable claims about being biodegradable and no traceability of raw materials. We also tested vegan wax claimed to be used and it did not work with dental floss. That’s why ecoLiving spent years sourcing an EU manufacturer with a clean factory so we have total control over the ingredients, where they are sourced and can ensure maximum quality. Our dental floss is 100% vegan, made with a scientifically formulated food-grade, vegetal wax with NO palm oil and no GMOs. And it’s cruelty-free, unlike silk Silk floss is the only home compostable floss out there but it’s cruel – to make it, they boil or gas silkworms alive and there’s NO regulation for peace silk (which is meant to be a way of extracting the silk without harming them) and PETA warns against it.
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Get a clear '6 Month Smiles' dental brace fitted on your upper or lower arch, or upgrade for both arches! Aims to help gently straighten teeth in an average time of six months - get a smile to be proud of! Using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires for a discrete and more natural appearance. With a full consultation and treatment carried out by a friendly and GDC-registered dentist. Open Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm. Based in Harborne and a recognised provider of '6 Month Smiles'. Deal Bonus : Get 10% off removable retainers plus a scale and polish for just £40!
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